10 Best Batman Games for Android – Best Guide in 2023

Batman is among the most well-known DC characters, making him one of the top 10 Batman games for Android. There are just as many fans of Batman as there are of any other DC superhero. You might not be able to satisfy your craving for Batman content with just a few TV shows and comics about this superhero’s life. Many thanks to the makers of Android games. In the PlayStore, there are a lot of Batman video games. Some Batman games for Android let you enjoy fighting alongside other heroes while they crash together. Therefore, your unquenchable fascination with Batman should come to a good thing where you can simply assume the role of your preferred superhero.

10 Best Batman Games for Android
10 Best Batman Games for Android

The Top 10 Batman Games for Android.
Android devices’ top Batman video games.

It’s true that the PlayStore doesn’t have many Batman games. Additionally, some of these extremely rare games have dreadful graphics and an unrelated, trashy plot. However, we are here today to present to you the top 10 Batman games for your Android device that we already have. Despite the fact that they are all about Batman, your favorite hero, be sure to read the description and the list of game types. 

1. Superhero combat in DC Legends

The most well-known superhero game for Android has just been released by Warner Bros. International Entertainment. Therefore, if you love Batman, this might be your best option. It’s a game called DC Legends, Fight Superheroes. In this game, players can take on the roles of both heroes and villains. You must use your strength to lift the shadow of the Blackest Night’s prophecy off the ground, though. Are you willing to assist pure willpower in this endeavor?

Important Elements

You can choose from over 130 DC characters and play as them.
Legendary superhero fights like Batman vs. Superman and the Joker v. The main focus will be on Lex Luthor.
You can use the superpowers of various superheroes to gain more skills and points.
Your player has many opportunities to level up. Your player will be more powerful as you progress through the levels.
With other players in this online role-playing game, you can engage in conflict.
You can also possess skills like regeneration and resurrection, which will change the way you look and how powerful you are.


You can join your friends in PvP competitions in a variety of modes. In 14 leagues, you can also obtain a rank.

2. The Unjust Gods Among Us

The primary theme of “Injustice, Gods Among Us” is the rivalry between two superheroes. Additionally, this may be the best choice if you enjoy being a super-quick Batman. You’ll have to battle your way to victory in this thrilling Batman game for Android. Additionally, you have the opportunity to take the top spot on the leaderboard. You can practice fighting by watching replays of earlier encounters. Your team’s composition will either help you win or hurt you.

Featured as important

You can play as DC comics in this game. Many choices are available, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and the Joker, among others.
The Batcave, Arkham Asylum, The Watchtower, and other locals of a similar nature can all be fought here.
You can make combos when fighting in 3v3. In the console version of this game, you can unlock a unique attack skill.
Your characters, gear, and strength can all be improved. You’ll need to add more cards to your collection to accomplish this.
You will be able to use a unique set of abilities, strategies, and skills with each of the characters on the battlefield.


This game allows you to play online multiplayer against players from around the world. You can also participate in tournaments and win prizes there.

3. The Enemy Within, Batman

In Batman: The Enemy Within, the greatest adventure is waiting. The fantastic narrative and characters will definitely appeal to you. Yes, the graphics and game design will transport you to a number of alternate realities. Competitive matches work well with the loadout system. Additionally, both mobile and GPUs are supported. Check out what else is available.

Important Elements

Characters from the DC Universe are playable in the game. The most intriguing role will be that of Batman.
To defeat your opponents, use standard attacks, special attacks, or combos.
The highest ranking on the leaderboard is yours if you can earn the most points.
This place offers a variety of modes. You can also test it out in arcade and online modes.
Smooth control is provided by a number of different directions and button presses.


You can perform best in skill-based challenges. Additionally, when you accomplish new objectives, you will receive achievements.


A few buttons can be a little challenging to press.

4. Judgment Day 2

Injustice 2 has a lot in store for you, including the opportunity to play as your favorite Batman superhero. You can find a compelling player vs. player mode, exciting 3v3 fights, and much more. Batman Ninja, Justice League, League of Anarchy, Multiverse, Suicide Squad, and other teams are involved in new team interactions. As you advance, your special talents will grow. Even during combat, you can communicate with other players.

Essential Qualities

In the CCG fighting game, you can select whichever DC character you prefer. Either a superhero or a bad guy could be involved.
Many iconic figures exist, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, the Joker, Harley Quinn, and a long list of others.
Both the character’s appearance and one of the many available game modes are up to you.
Lightning from The Flash, Superman’s heat vision, Harley Quinn’s cupcake bomb, etc. are a few combinations you can use to defeat the adversary.
You can work together with your friends to win the final battles in the fighting game.


You will receive special bonuses if you can unlock a new type of generic equipment. Additionally, the Arena of Champions is the best place to demonstrate your master techniques.


Some users report difficulty in accruing daily rewards.

5. The VRSE Batman

VRSE Batman may be your best option if you want to play the part of Batman in a totally new way. Skyrocket, LLC specifically brought him to the area for Batman fans. This Batman game for Android is very different from the others in terms of gameplay and plot. The city’s future is in your hands right here. You unquestionably protect people from adversaries. Are you interested in attempting this mission?

Featured as important

The Joker, the game’s antagonist, will be your opponent.
Gotham City is where the gaming world was created. The city is initially in danger and in a state of chaos due to the enemies.
This enables you to play with a headset, Bluetooth Motion game controller, or Batarang.
You can take out the henchmen for the Joker in close quarters hand-to-hand combat.
The top pixel cube graphics with a high frame rate are available here.


VRSE Batman will give you a brand-new opportunity to demonstrate your gaming tactics and abilities. Additionally, realistic sound quality will improve your experience.


Some people have issues with driving while using third-person camera angles.

6. The Quad Squad

You will first fall in love with Quad Squad because of the gameplay, which allows you to fly like Batman. Breathtaking Co. — the game creator who purchased this title for you. While creating blocks, you can fly around the structure. However, moving poles require caution. In addition, you can move in a parkour-style rhythm or run and jump over obstacles. A lot of adventures must also be finished in a set amount of time.

Essential Qualities

The game has 5 amazing game modes that are all totally unique from one another. Additionally, stiffness-based modes are available.
You can select from a variety of fun superheroes to play different parts in it.
4 characters are available, and you can pick your favorite. However, in order to use them for this, you must play.
The controls for each game mode vary. As a result, you must take each step carefully and adjust as necessary.
If you want to succeed in defeating the monster, you must jump extremely high and quickly.


You can play in spider mode here just like you can in other places. Spiderman is the hardest character in this game, and it’s an addictive one. There is also a bonus mode where you can score more points.

7. Streets of Crime: Bat of Justice

A truly immersive gaming experience awaits you when you play Justice Bat, one of the most daring arcade games. This Batman mobile game for your Android device features stunning HD graphics and incredible audio. The villains will start off by using their superpowers and weapons to attack the city. You must command the storied hero Bat Titan because he will aid you in defeating the devil squad. The superhero teams of the Phoenix Titan can end Rising of Darkness in this manner by winning the battle.

Important Elements

This game’s cooperative mode enables multiple players to join them simultaneously.
You can test your skills in the game’s various game modes, including multiplayer, campaign, and arcade.
In the multiplayer arcade mode, you can compete against your friends.
During movement, jumping, and combat with the enemy, a joystick will appear on the screen for you to use.
In the game, you must defeat the evil enemies in boss fights.
You need to achieve the highest score to be the ultimate hero.


This addicting game introduces new battlegrounds that you must unlock in order to enter. To help you play better, it also provides first aid kits and hints.

8. Beyond Gotha by LEGO® Batman.

You can travel to a world of action and adventure with the help of LEGO® Batman. You will assume the role of Batman in this game and work with characters from the DC Comics universe. You also need to stop the evil Brainiac from taking over the planet Earth. The game offers both “classic” and “touch” controls, and it also has a straightforward interface that lets you play however you like. However, this game will keep you entertained because you can collect all of your favorite characters, including those from The Dark Knight, Batman ’66, Batman Beyond, the Batman Classic series, and many more.

Featured as important

Over 100 characters—among them BIG LEGO Figures like lantern heroes and villains—among the most powerful—are featured in this novel gameplay.
The stealthy Cyborg suit, the Joker’s cunning decoy suit, Robin’s elite hacker Techno suit, and other special suits can be unlocked to give your heroes more superpowers.
There will be a total of 45 missions, each full of surprises and adventure.
You can fight in virtual arenas, navigate mazes, and race to find the code in the game’s virtual world.
You’ll be able to visit fabled locations like the Batcave, Justice League Watchtower, Hall of Justice, and Trophy Rooms thanks to all this gameplay.


You can listen to your preferred voice actors, including Laura Bailey (Wonder WomanTM, CatwomanTM), Troy Baker (Batman), and Travis Willingham (SupermanTM). Additionally, you don’t need to pay extra to unlock the majority of the characters and skills.

9. Fighting game freebies from League of Superheroes

One of the top Batman games for Android is available for free thanks to Superheroes League. It works without any issues on a phone or tablet. There are built-in options for more in-game purchases, as well as sporadic ads in this game. You can jump right in if you’re looking for an action-packed, ready-to-play game with your favorite superheroes. This game’s graphics are gorgeous and have upbeat sound effects. The same Google account can be used to play this game across multiple devices.

Important Elements

If they want to defend the world or battle evil forces, players can approach the conflict from various perspectives.
In the story mode, it has a lengthy playable history that enables players to unlock new characters as they advance.
You can engage in a game of one against. One battle at a time in brief combat sessions.
You will be able to execute a variety of special attacks and moves that display the special skills of various characters.
You can assemble your own group of supervillains or superheroes using this tool.
In addition to Batman, there are over 76 other superheroes.


This addicting multiplayer game provides a variety of game modes with local multiplayer sessions. It is entirely up to you whether you play as a superhero or a villain.


A few users weren’t fans of the gameplay in general.

10. RC controller for the Batmobile

Today’s application is unique, being the BatmobileTM R/C controller from Mattel. Actually, it’s a game controller, not a game. Because this app supports driving RC cars, including Batman-inspired RC cars, it provides a realistic experience. At first, it offers real-time control over RC cars with controls that are similar to those in movies. Most Android mobile devices and tablets have a smooth operating system. Additionally, it has an interactive camera mode that offers a view from inside the vehicle from the seats. So, using an HD camera, you will have a Batman-style view that can be Livestreamed.

Important Elements

It has an armory mode where users can regulate lighting, speed, hydraulics, and other features.
It can be used however you like, enabling complete control customization and other custom commands.
The device’s Wi-Fi connection functions flawlessly within 65 feet.
On your phone or tablet, you can listen to engine noises and other effects as you check your RC car’s speed.
With HD content rendered in 3D, it displays excellent cinematic effects.
It provides you with a movie-viewing experience that you can customize and post on social media.


It provides a unique gaming environment with realistic interactions. Additionally, you will appreciate its engine and virtual smoke sounds.


With RC cars, some users have reported lag and control problems.


Batman is without a doubt DC’s most well-known character, and the few Batman-centric TV shows and comics simply aren’t enough for some fans. So, these Batman video games quickly gained popularity. You should observe that there are games from various categories. DC Legends is a necessity for RPG fans. You can try either of the two versions of Injustice.

Try out Justice Bat or LEGO® Batman if you want to play an arcade game. Simply look over the features of the games listed here to determine which one you want to play. I just gave my advice. In the beginning, feel free to try any game; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

And lastly, insights

In contrast to most other superheroes, Batman is the most renowned, having been created by a unique child with a harsh reality. In fact, you are better acquainted with his fortitude and desire to defend the world, particularly against the vile Joker. If you believe the game will be enjoyable, you can try playing these Batman games on your Android device.

So, please let us know about any other games you’re interested in. Soon there will be something new. We thus bid you farewell for today. For your time, I’m grateful.

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