Top 20 Shooting Games for Android Devices – Best Guide in 2023

Shooting games can be the best choice for gamers who constantly need a goal. Here are 20 shooting games for Android devices. In the history of gaming, shooting games have always been regarded as the most addictive category. The most well-liked shooting games are first-person shooters. The top 20 shooting games are listed below if you want to play some of the most well-liked Android shooting games.

Top 20 Shooting Games for Android Devices
Top 20 Shooting Games for Android Devices

20 best shooting games for Android devices
Android Shooting Games That Are Addicting

Installing and playing any of the games on this list is totally free. Despite the fact that some of these might require numerous in-app purchases, they are optional. Additionally, the majority of them are first-person shooters, or fps. They will therefore cause you to become addicted and anxious. Therefore, there is no need for you to waste your data and time trying to play nebulous games. Let’s examine the features and quickly select a few of the top shooting games for Android.

1. Free bullet-firing games: Sniper 3D Shooter

A fantastic shooting game with 3D graphics and a free frame rate to help you pass the time in fun mode is called Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Bullet Shooter. This isn’t a shoot-’em-up like the one from your childhood. You will be given numerous tasks in the game, including releasing the hostage and eliminating zombies and enemies. There are also numerous unique features. Let’s quickly review them.

Important Elements

• Offers puzzles; this gives it more substance.
• You have to learn from a horde of actual enemies and zombies, which makes it very challenging.
• Employing your weapons, you must defend the hostage from the enemy.
• Contains lots of thrilling levels and missions.
• It has a ton of realistic and 3D graphics.

2. Shots fired in a Gun Battle

Have a look at Gun War: Shooting War, one of the best shooting games. In order to wipe out the opposing clan in this war game, you must never stop firing. There are a lot of optional in-app purchases in this free-to-play game. Also updated are the game strategies, which will quickly drive you crazy. You can look at the features below for more details.

Important Elements

• Consists of gorgeous 3D animations and graphics.
Your astonishment at the sound quality.
• There are more than 50 different kinds of weapons available for shooting.
• More than 50 maps and locations are available.
• Assistance with more than 15 different languages.
• You are permitted to enhance and modify your weapons.

3. Shooting Counter Terrorism

This game will absolutely blow your mind if you love first-person shooters. This is an anti-terrorist shooter. Reviews from users place it among the top shooting games for Android. Many fun features that you will quickly love are available while playing this game. Additionally, you don’t have to pay to download or pass in order to get a premium membership. See what it offers after that.

Important Elements

• Allows you to assess your proficiency with a weapon through realistic combat.
• Amazing sound effects and graphics.
• Provides regular difficult and demanding tasks.
• There are almost all exciting and potent weapons.
• Offers simple-to-follow shortcuts and strategies. • Gives users access to fascinating maps.

4. Shooting games under cover

If you’re looking for an offline shooting game, Cover Fire: Shooting Games – Sniper 3D FPS is your best option. You will control the war in this game, and your goal is to become the best shooter and sniper. This is one of the top shooting games for Android among shooter enthusiasts. It also has many remarkable qualities.

Important Elements

• Lots of thrilling missions and difficult levels.
• Has breathtaking sound effects and HD graphics.
• Strategies are simple to comprehend.
• Offers numerous difficult zombie encounters.
• Provides a call to action to free additional hostages.
• Offers powerful weapons and vehicles, such as a helicopter.

5. The best first-person shooter is Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury: Top Shooting Game – FPS is another incredibly addictive and well-liked shooting game. Furthermore, a lot of players have cited it as one of the top shooting apps for Android. To save the world in this scenario, you must eliminate the adversaries. You’ll quickly become addicted to it thanks to all the cool features it has. Let’s examine what it offers, though.

Important Elements

• Offers numerous already-existing missions and levels.
• High-definition shooting game.
• You can converse, chat, and share insights and counsel with other clan members.
• It’s simple to put together your own team.
• There are numerous potent weapons available.
• You can upgrade your levels and weapons.

6. Use a hunting pistol to kill the Assassin

If you agree, then let’s get to know Shooter Hunter Gun Killer and see if you want to play the game One Man, One War. Another top shooting game for Android is this one. Due to its captivating features and tactics, players become quickly addicted to it. It’s possible for you to enjoy exciting areas and weapons. The game’s quality is also superb enough to astonish you. Let’s examine the game’s most crucial components.

Important Elements

• Provides high-tech weapons like the AK-47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400, etc.
• You can pick from a variety of playgrounds, including ice world, the desert, the sea, etc.
• Very simple to learn but difficult to master.
• They’ll soon turn you into an addict.
• Offers a variety of difficult missions and levels.
• Acceptable sound and graphic quality.

7. Battle of Bullet: A Free Offline Shooting Game

We cordially invite you to play Battle of Bullet: Free – Offline Shooting Game, another highly addictive shooting game. You’ll soon become engrossed in this difficult game. One of the top shooting games for Android, according to most player reviews. Many game-changing elements are included in the simple-to-understand strategies. You could examine them.

Important Elements

Both offline and online play is possible for this game.
• The presence of both a single-player and multiplayer mode.
• Offers you a selection of potent vehicles and weapons.
• You can join a league by registering. • Offers acceptable 3D graphics and sound effects.
• Already-used game strategies.
• It’s simple to level up and improve your skills.

8. Shooting Sniper

An exciting game like Traffic Sniper Shooter has the power to alter your mood and energize the surrounding area. This is a well-known shooting game with countless astounding features. In this game, you must pursue the terrorists’ vehicles and wreck them, killing the enemies inside. Let’s examine the game’s most crucial components first, though.

Important Elements

• This is a first-person shooter.
• Offers visually stunning effects and audio effects.
• Provides incredibly easy-to-use controls that run without hiccups while playing.
• Offers numerous shotguns and rifles with contemporary designs.
• Has a lot of difficult missions and levels.
• Offers a setting suitable for any battle or war.

9. Sniper Mountain Shooting

Now I present a different casual shooter game for the Android operating system. One of the best shooting games for your phone that you can play wherever and whenever is Mountain Shooting Sniper. Play with friends or other players to develop into a true sniper in your virtual environment.

Important Elements

• Delivers an engaging first-person shooting experience.
• A user-friendly interface allows you to start fighting right away.
• Offers a variety of contemporary weapons and weapons.
• Missions can be played, and objectives can be achieved.
• The database is continuously updated and has a rewards system.

10. American assassin snipers

US Sniper Assassin Shoot is the best option for you if you want to develop into the best shooter to eliminate terrorists and gangs. It has almost all the necessary components for taking stunning photos. Additionally, the graphics and sound are optimized to increase your excitement. Check out what else it has to offer by doing so.

Important Elements

• Offers the most up-to-date weapons, including the AK-47, M16, WA2000, AWP, M400, Deagle, and many others.
Also available are numerous heavy-duty vehicles.
• Provides authentic gunshot sounds to up your excitement.
• Since it offers incredibly simple and slick control over it, you can play without encountering any technical difficulties.
• Provides enjoyable and difficult daily challenges.

11. Collision Shooting FPS

If you enjoy playing shooting games, you should try FPS Encounter Shooting. One of the most played first-person shooter games offline is this one. While using minimal hardware resources, the game has incredible graphics. There are more than 500 story missions that you must complete. It has many sniper and shooting missions, all of which are difficult.

Featured as important

It offers a sizable selection of cutting-edge tools and weapons.
The game is simple to access and has a responsive control scheme.
Additionally, you’ll encounter a lot of AI-based foes that have been leveled up to a balanced level.
It features interactive game environments with military and combat themes.
The game offers a simple interface, frequent updates, and a fun reward system.

12. Gun shooting is the shooting world

One of the most adaptable 3D shooting games with offline functionality is Shooting World – Gun Fire. You can challenge your friends in the game, and the interface is straightforward. Numerous uncommon shotguns, rifles, and assault rifles are available in this free-to-play game. With numerous attack options and shooting challenges, the game’s control scheme is straightforward. The majority of recent Android smartphones and tablets support it flawlessly.

Important Elements

The game has a rewarding reward system and hundreds of different levels.
It provides a variety of game environments with in-depth 3D maps.
This game is available anywhere at any time while you’re offline.
It presents thrilling obstacles as well as a variety of shooting targets.
This shooting game features fluid controls and excellent gameplay.

13. Fresh sniper shooting

The gameplay in New Sniper Shooting will astound you. It provides countless missions and difficult tasks. There are numerous weapons and a sizable number of sniper rifles available. Both the gameplay and the excellent graphics are enjoyable. The game’s missions are based on captivating stories with plenty of detail. As you advance in levels and reduce crime in the city, you will face numerous enemies.

Important Characteristics

The game can be downloaded without a data connection and can be played offline.
Amazing scenery and an endless supply of thrilling missions are available in the game.
The game’s controls are flawless and very accessible.
You can experience the action because it is equipped with a slow motion camera.
The game’s mechanics are frequently updated, and weapons can be customized.
A zombie mode and numerous new gaming environments are also present.

14. An FPS 3D shooting game is Sniper Strike

Sniper Strike is a great option if you enjoy playing first-person 3D shooting games on an Android device. It shows stunning 3D graphics. The graphics are on par with AAA games on consoles and provide an incredible gaming experience on the Android platform.

You can play online with your friends and join various clans to finish hundreds of different missions. Huge and highly upgraded weaponry is available. You’ll be astonished by the in-game setting and features.

Important Elements

You can master the art of the sniper and climb the leaderboard.
As you join various missions, the game offers combined options with allies.
In online games, you can challenge your friends and engage in sniper battles.
It has easy controls and a rewarding reward system.
Regular updates and ongoing PvP matchmaking are provided for the game.

15. Shooting game Cover Fire is free

One of the top shooting games for Android is Cover Fire. Amazing work by the developer went into making this game. By eliminating them, you must prevent enemies from capturing the world. From a sniper’s perch, command your team on the battlefield. Become the hero of your platoon and the best sniper in the game. Before time runs out, eliminate an enemy. An exciting first-person shooter is available in this game.
You’ll be amazed by this game’s expansive world. Even in this lovely 3D environment, you’ll be surprised at how little space it takes up on your device and how smoothly it functions. To improve your shooting, complete these tasks in the mission. The zombie mood is a brand-new feature in this game. You will be surrounded by numerous zombie killers in this area.

Important Characteristics

You can play this game whenever, wherever, and offline.
Character control is made easier on the entire map thanks to intelligent control.
a sizable arsenal of weapons that are upgradeable.
There will always be an assassination team with a variety of skills.
View the battleground from a different angle.
Make adjustments to your clothing to make it more durable.

16. Battle of the snipers

Here is a first-person sniper shooter option if you like those. The best sniper game that will surprise you is Sniper Shooting Battle, presented by GAMEXIS. This game has a compelling story and nonstop action. When you need to prepare gear for a mission, just play his game and test your war game abilities.
Before the enemy notices your approach, strike him. Kill all of your foes covertly, then vanish like a ghost. Although this feature-rich game is simple to use, getting the perfect shot requires accuracy. Understand yourself and start playing today.

Essential Qualities

Esthetically pleasing environments and incredibly realistic 3D animation.
You have access to a sizable arsenal. You can enjoy this game right away thanks to its basic level of simplicity and effectiveness.
Playing offline makes it simple to do so whenever and wherever you want.
The game has a movie-like quality due to the fascinating backstory.

17. SWAT is a top Assassin

Here’s my next suggestion for the top shooting games for Android users. Elite Killer is a 3D first-person shooter. You’ll go to the battlefield in this captivating game’s action-packed adventures. You will assume the role of a skilled elite soldier in this scenario. And you are the team’s leader. Everyone out there must be kept alive, and that is your responsibility.
Leave no one behind the front line of combat. Make all enemies scream for their lives and kill everyone. Also, remember to heal more frequently. These adversaries have a high damage output. Within the time allotted, complete your missions. Explore the entire map to complete a ton of fun side missions. Be the leader of your group and achieve success in your area.

Important Characteristics

For you, there is a sizable selection of contemporary weapons.
3D visuals with dynamic sound effects.
You have access to a lot of maps from all over the world.
PVP games with multiplayer modes, both locally and online.
smart interaction with straightforward controls.

18. Real Bottle Shooting Games that Are Free

Prepare to pull the trigger and smash the glass bottles. Real Bottle Shooting Free Games is a thrilling and entertaining bottle-shooting game for Android devices. Gain the title of bottle hunter by honing your aim. Before the game even begins, you must select the ideal weapon. Additionally, you can shoot the bottle with the army pistols to score a lot of points.
A 3D hit combo is available in this game. You receive more points for shattering more glass. You are free to use your own range. After passing the basic training level, you can deal with obstacles. To smash those glass bottles, this offline game will provide you with a variety of destructive weapons. Therefore, start shooting quickly to earn gold and rewards.

Essential Qualities

You can track your development with achievements and a leaderboard.
Aesthetic 3D graphics and sound trucks that alter your mood.
Improve your aiming abilities and shooting experience.
There are many thrilling levels and a variety of enormous weapons for better aim.
Develop your bottle-shooting skills by earning rewards.

19. Bravo for Kill Shot

Come on in and demonstrate your smartphone shooting prowess. Now you have the ability to attack the most perilous enemy zones with devastating weapons, lethal machine guns, and lethal military equipment. Start playing Kill Shot Bravo, another well-liked shooting game for Android, to accomplish this.
Free to play, this thrilling game will amaze you with its 3D graphics. In this game, you must use your proficient shooting abilities to save the world. You must pursue assassins, evil entities, and zombies on the battlefield. In this thrilling game, get ready with your arsenal if you want to demonstrate pixel accuracy through accurate shooting.

Essential Qualities

There are more than 2400 missions ready and waiting for you.
Your ability to adjust to various shooting scenarios and adversaries can be improved.
In order to form powerful alliances and complete extremely risky missions, you can ask your friends for assistance in this game’s PVP mode by inviting them.
For the benefit of your allies, the chat feature is fully enabled here.
Armed forces gear, uniforms, helmets, body armor, face masks, goggles, boots, gloves, and other items can all be unlocked and customized.
Obtain the highest score by completing weekly quests to receive more exciting prizes.

20. The War on Terror is the primary weapon

Let’s play an addictive arcade shooting game on your Android device to hone your combat skills and upgrade your arsenal by selecting the best weapon for the job. Play Major Gun if you want to enjoy such a thrilling game. Here, you can engage the opposition with a variety of lethal weapons and take accurate aim.
You can engage in a high-stakes action battle and eliminate them with your lethal machine gun. Additionally, you can test out more than 30 of the top weapons employed by various forces worldwide. The game includes a minigun, large machine guns, 8 lethal rifles, 4 pistols, 4 shotguns, 6 machine guns, and 4 pistols. Consequently, you will be amazed by the variety of weapons.

Important Elements

During thrilling battles, improve your aim.
Destroying enemies, criminals, and vicious killers will be very exciting.
You need to complete daily tasks in order to gather rewards, cash, and weapons.
Search for emergency assistance while competing with friends.
The missions that will help you advance in rank will receive 3 stars.

Final Thought

Test your interest in first-person shooter games. The best fps games are probably Sniper Fury and Traffic Super Shooter. Battle of Bullet is the best option if you must play while offline. Once more, give Battle of Bullet a try if you want to enjoy both multiplayer and single player. I hope the 20 shooting games for Android I’ve listed are sufficient to give you some choices.
But in addition to these shooting games, you can also try some action games if you want to experience more action. Please use the section to leave questions or comments. Keep checking for more games.

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