7 Fast Routers for Home – Best Guide in 2023

Routers experience an increase in load as more devices are connected. People are using Wi-Fi to host conferences and meetings online, watch movies and TV shows, listen to podcasts, plan battles in online games, and use more connected devices. Because of COVID-19, many people continue to work from home. A Wi-Fi router must offer adequate signal speed and stability for these tasks to be finished. The top 7 Wi-Fi routers for the home are listed in this article.

7 fast routers for home
7 fast routers for home

At the time of publication, all prices were accurate.

What happened?

We evaluated WAN and LAN port speeds, Wi-Fi standards, the number of antennas, and the frequency range supported by Wi-Fi routers for the home. For each of these attributes, we compared the performance of each device in the rating. A maximum of five points can be given to each criterion. Let’s examine these particulars in more detail.

LAN and WAN port speeds

What are they?

The network cable provided by the service provider is connected to the router’s WAN connector. It offers access to the Internet, to put it another way.
Computers, gaming consoles, and other devices can be connected using the LAN connectors on the router. It is a local network. LAN ports are typically abundant on routers. The router can accommodate more cables as the number of devices grows.

  • The WAN and LAN maximum port speeds in top models are, respectively, 2.5 Gbps and 1 Gbps.
  • The WAN ports’ speed needs to be 1 Gbps for the Internet to operate at a rate higher than 100 Mbps.
  • Large files can be quickly transferred over a network using gigabit LAN ports.

5 points will be given to models with Gigabit LAN ports and a 2×5 Gbps WAN.

Frequency Spectrum

The signal is transmitted at either 5 GHz or 24 GHz.

The following are a few benefits of Wi-Fi operating at 2 GHz.

  • long signal range and wall-penetration capability (the signal is quietly transmitted through one main wall or two to three interior walls).
  • support for additional devices (such as network devices, routers, and smart home devices).
  • Only supporting this frequency band routers are less expensive.

Advantages of 5 GHz Wi-Fi

  • Its top speed is higher.
  • Enhanced bandwidth (reflects the quickest speed the router can transmit when wirelessly connecting devices).
  • low occupancy (since fewer devices support this range).

The devices that can operate in both bands will receive the most points.

WiFi Protocol

They have an impact on the maximum information exchange rate between the router and the connected devices.

It is pointless to buy models that only support Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n standards because they are outdated.
Wi-Fi 802.11ac offers speeds of up to 1 Gbps at 5 GHz and 450 Mbps at 2 Gbps.
The newest standard, Wi-Fi 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), has a data rate that is 35% faster.

The compatibility of Wi-Fi 6 devices with earlier wireless standards is one of their advantages. They’ll earn the best grade.

  • The overall number of antennas.
  • With higher densities, Wi-Fi signal range and speed increase.
  • The models with the most antennas will receive the highest ratings.

Top 6 Fastest Home Routers

As of the writing, prices are correct.

1. TP-Link Archer AX73

The TP-Link Archer AX73 has several technologies built in to deliver a swift and dependable signal.


There are four 1 Gbps LAN ports and one WAN port available.

  1. Connect drives using the USB 3.0 connector to store data or create a backup copy of an Apple laptop.
  2. 6 fixed antennas altogether, 2 each in the 4 and 5 GHz bands.
  3. Wireless connections up to 5400 Mbps are supported by Wi-Fi 6.
  4. High performance is provided by the combination of the 1-core Broadcom BCM43684 chip and the 3-core Broadcom BCM6750 processor.

There are many technologies that enable quick network performance and better client performance, including Beamforming to focus signal strength in the direction of the client, OFDMA to decrease latency, Airtime Fairness to effectively distribute time slots based on the power of devices, 4×4 MU-MIMO to transmit information to multiple client devices at once, and 1024-QAM to increase throughput.
A continuous coating without pauses or signal loss is created using the patented OneMesh technology. Unauthorized access to and use of personal data are protected by the Homes Hield feature.


There are 27 pieces in all, measuring 3 x 14 pieces, 7 x 4 pieces, and 9 centimeters.


The routers in question received the following ratings:

Model / Parameter LAN and WAN port speed frequency range WiFi standards Number of antennas Average score
TP-Link Archer AX73 4 5 5 4 4,5
Xiaomi AIoT Router AX6000 5 5 5 4 4,75
Asus RT-AX86U 5 5 5 2 4,25
Keenetic Ultra KN-1810 4 5 4 3 4
TP-Link Archer A8 4 5 4 1 3,5
Redmi Router AC2100 4 5 4 4 4,25
TP-Link Archer AX11000 5 5 5 5 5


  • Simplicity of setup.
  • A quick data transfer.
  • Continuity of the signal.
  • The ability to connect 248 devices.
  • 1 Gbps port.


  • The lack of a USB connector.


  • massive dimensions.

2. RT-AX86U from ASUS

The Asus RT-AX86U supports its gaming features at a speed of 2.5 Gbps. The photo is provided courtesy of Tom’s Guide.


The USB 3.2 connectors are sold in sets of two.

  • There is one WAN, one WAN/LAN port, four 1 Gb/s LAN ports, and four 1 Gb/s LAN ports.
  • 2 internal and 3 external antennas.

operation in the 2+4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

  • A 5665 Mbps Wi-Fi 6 connection would be needed.
  • A few include beamforming, OFDMA, and 1024-QAM.

Compatible with GeForce NOW (a technology that grants gaming applications up to 90% bandwidth) and support for gaming features for online games.
Parental controls can be configured using Asus’s AiMesh and AiProtection Pro technologies, which also let you combine multiple routers into a single network.
1024 MB RAM, 256 MB flash memory, and 4 cores;.
The size is 24 pixels by 10 pixels by 16 pixels.


  • Extremely Quickly.

Support for Gaming Features

Two USB connectors are available.

  1. A contemporary technology.
  2. it is possible to access a 2.5 Gb/s connector.


  • Accessibility issues in store environments.
  • Warms up when under heavy load.
  • large cost.

3. Ultra Keenetic 1810 KN

Russian manufacturers created the Keenetic Ultra KN-1810. It sends out a reliable signal. Keenetic is apparent.


  • The USB 3 and USB 2 port connectors.
  • 5 universal gigabit network ports,
  • 5 of which can be configured;
  • The defaults are 1 WAN and 4 LAN.
  • There are four external antennas.
  • Operation in the 2 to 4 GHz bands.
  • WiFi 5.
  • 256 GB of RAM, a MediaTek MT7621AT processor, and 128 GB of internal memory.
  • It is possible to create seamless networks and parental controls.
  • The item is 21 by 15 by 3 cm in size.

Approximately 16,000 rubles will get you a Keenetic Ultra KN-1810 router.


  • Size and stability of the signal.
  • Setting it up is simple.
  • Rapid movement.


  • Excludes mention of Wi-Fi 6 support from the statement.

4. Archer A8

The most affordable router on our list is the TP-Link Archer A8. via TP Link.


  • 4 (1 Gbps) LAN ports and 1 WAN port.
  • three fixed antennas in total.
  • operation in the bands of 2 GHz, 4 GHz, and 5 GHz.
  • Wi-Fi 5 (1900 Mbps is its top speed).
  • Airtime Fairness, MIMO, and Beamforming are examples of technologies.
  • 8 MB of RAM and 4 MB of internal memory are provided by the MediaTek TP1900BN processor.
  • parental control .
  • MESH network expansion is encouraged.
  • 3 centimeters, 16 centimeters, and 24 centimeters are the measurements.


  • Quick setup.
  • Like Wi-Fi 6 basic routers in terms of speed.
  • The area of coverage.
  • The cost’s affordability.


  • Lack of access to Wi-Fi 6.
  • USB ports.

5. Router Redmi AC2100

The Redmi Router AC2100 is kept from overheating thanks to the numerous holes. The image was taken from ThephoneTalks.com.


  • A WAN port, three 1 Gbps LAN ports, and.
  • In place are six antennas.
  • Operation in the bands of 2 GHz, 4 GHz, and 5 GHz;.
  • Wi-Fi 5, which has a maximum speed of 1733 Mbps.
  • MU-MIMO allows for quick data transfers.
  • 128 GB of internal storage and 128 GB of RAM, it has a dual-core MT7621A processor.
  • The dimensions are 25.9. 17.6. plus 18.4.


  • A simple setup.
  • Adequate protection.
  • (600 g) Light.
  • Maintain your composure.


In the kit, an adapter for a European socket is included, but the plug and firmware are Chinese.
Not a USB port, that is.

6. TP-Link Archer AX11000

The cost of the TP-Link Archer AX11000 gaming router is more expensive than the costs of the other models we compared.


  • There are two available USB 3.0 connectors.
  • There are 8 LAN ports with a combined maximum speed of 1 Gb/s and 1 WAN port.
  • Non-rotating; eight detachable antennas.
  • operation between the 2, 4, and 5 GHz bands.
  • Wi-Fi 6’s speed is 10756 Mbps.

Link Aggregation increases bandwidth or redundancy by simultaneously communicating with other network devices over two channels.
a commitment to aiding cutting-edge technologies (such as MU-MIMO, Beamforming, Airtime Fairness, and OFDMA);.
one with four cores.


  • Wi-Fi 6 swift (with plenty of room for increased speed in the future).
  • Adequate volume of coverage.
  • Encouraging the use of contemporary technology.
  • There are USB ports accessible.


  • (Dimensions with antennas are 29 x 29 x 18 cm).
  • excessively expensive.
  • Increases in temperature under stress.
  • Our top-ranked (and most expensive) router is the TP-Link Archer AX11000.
  • However, the average user might find its power to be excessive.
  • For people with numerous connected devices and fast Internet, it is useful.
  • Second place goes to the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX6000, which has a separate antenna for Smart Home devices.

The TP-Link Archer AX73, which is the least expensive of the top three models, is placed third. It is compatible with many different technologies for quick and dependable operation.

Be aware that the speed of the Wi-Fi connection is influenced by the distance between the router and the client as well as any obstructions that may be in the way.

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