15 Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students

By | May 5, 2022

As a college student, you need to bring a lot of difficult study materials, including books, notes, project files, and sometimes a laptop.

But what if you don’t have to carry it on your shoulders? Yes, you read that right.

You can use the Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students to help you safely roll your study materials on the floor.

This makes work easier because you don’t have to strain your back to transfer study materials from one place to another. It can also help reduce back pain caused by severe back pain. Is not it great?

So here we have the Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students, which will give you all the features you need in a scrolling backpack.

Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students

Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students

A guide to buying the Best Backpack for college students

# 1. Storage spaces

The first thing you should check on the best rolling backpack for college is the storage space and boxes in the backpack.

The more compartments in the backpack, the better you can organize your study materials.

Depending on the need and the current chosen, the study material may vary.

For example, a medical student would need a stethoscope, while an engineering student would not. So it’s best to make a list of things you always wear in college to know which backpack size is right for you.

Make sure you do not buy a larger backpack than you need, as it is heavy and will cause you trouble carrying it.

# 2 Power Rolling Backpack

The durability of the backpack is the most important factor that you should check when buying.

Because it decides how long it will last and how effective it will be for you. The rolling backpack is usually made of nylon polyester, soft fabric or high quality leather material, which is good because these materials are not waterproof and provide comfort.

If you are the one who likes to keep your backpack clean, you should take a backpack with elements that are not weatherproof and easy to clean (they have wide openings).

Not only that, but you need to check if the wheels and handle are firm or not. Wheels are the most important elements of a backpack that will withstand all the stress when you wear it.

# 3. How to Carry a Backpack

It is important to know which backpack method to use if you have your rolling backpack.

The best way to use a rolling backpack is to use shoulder straps and wear them on your shoulder when you have light items on them.

On the other hand, when there are a lot of things on you, you have to roll them on the ground.

However, it is not suitable for every situation, because the ground is not suitable for a backpack, so in this situation, you have to carry it on your shoulder.

Therefore, you should choose a backpack that will give you a handle so that you can easily lift and use the backpack as you wish. The best rolling backpack for college for heavy books
The best rolling backpack for college has hard bikes, handles, and several compartments to help you get quick access to books.

At the end of the review is a shopping guide to help you decide which backpack to choose.

The Best rolling laptop backpack for college Students with heavy books

The best rolling backpack for college has hard bikes, handles, and several compartments to help you get quick access to books.

At the end of the review is a shopping guide to help you decide which backpack to choose.

15 Best rolling backpacks for high school or high school students (on wheels)

Just a few wheels on it is not enough to make a backpack a suitable choice for you. You need someone who can serve you well for years without destroying or causing any problems on the road. Your ideal rolling backpack should have a solid construction, solid materials, and wheels that will not fall when you hit a rock there.

Such a backpack should also have plenty of storage space so that you can carry all the necessary things inside. It should also have more compartments so that you always have order. It also needs to look nice as you surely don’t want to use a backpack that’s an eyesore for you and other students. Finally, the best rolling backpack also needs to have a reasonable price. So, where to find one such product? In our reviews below!

1. Unisex Laptop backpack Powerglide High Sierra (wheel, suitable for 17-inch laptops)

It is so large and spacious that you can use it as a normal suitcase. Speaking of capacity, this rolling backpack has a storage space of 2,350 cubic inches, which means that you can easily pack all the equipment, including a laptop that can be up to 17 inches in size.

In addition to the large main compartment, the backpack also has several other pockets where you can store small items. For example, there is a media pocket with a headphone port that allows you to listen to music on the go.

Still not convinced that this rolling backpack is the right solution for you? Now you should also know that it is made of high quality materials with construction that should last for decades. The wheels are very strong as well as the handle. The shoulder straps are very strong and have padding that makes carrying the backpack uncomfortable.


  • Large capacity
  • Plenty of additional compartments
  • Built to last
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Simple design

2. Compact rolling backpack for university students (compatible with 16-inch laptops) from Targus

This is a compact backpack that makes it easy to use. Another thing that contributes to comfort is the fact that it has built-in wheels. The storage capacity is not as staggering as the previously reviewed backpack, but you put a 15-inch laptop in it, like many other things.

The backpack also has plenty of pockets, including one that looks great for storing a tablet. Due to the fact that its capacity is not too large and it has ergonomic straps, you have no problem carrying it on your shoulders. However, if the backpack seems too heavy, you can always take it by the handle and turn it around the wheels.

The only thing you won’t like about this backpack is the simple design. It comes in two versions, both are pure black.


  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of quality fabric


  • Not too spacious (29 liters capacity)
  • Monotone design

3. Freewheel Laptop Backpack for Highschool and College Students by High Sierra (for 15″ Laptops)

Here’s another compact backpack with wheels that makes it even easier.

You may argue that the rolling backpacks we’ve been looking at have some boring designs. However, this is not the case with the one sold by Targus. This is a rolling backpack with a beautiful design, available in many different color variants. In addition to a great look, the backpack is also strong and durable. It is made of 600D Duralite and Waffle Weave, which is almost impossible to sew. This also makes it water-resistant; even if it rains, your things will stay dry. Although the backpack does not have the same capacity as the one we talked about in the first review, it does have enough space to fit a 15-inch laptop. It also has several small pockets that you can use on things like pens and pencils, power bank, tablet and more.


  • Interesting design
  • Made of quality materials
  • Waterproof


  • Not too large capacity

4. Waterproof rolling backpack for university and college students (rolled up, for 19-inch notebook)

This is probably the Best rolling backpack you will find on Amazon. There are many reasons for this, starting with the fact that it is very light, but quite impressive in terms of capacity.

You can use it to deploy on a 17-inch laptop or even a larger device.

It’s also a sturdy construction, so even if you put a lot of strain on it and carry it on your shoulders, it won’t break or break. Of course, carrying a heavy load can make you tired, so you need to use wheels to roll on the ground.


  • Affordable price
  • Made to last
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Lightweight, yet rugged


  • Monochrome design

5. J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack

J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack

The J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack is available as a trendy designer backpack at an affordable price. First, this trendy backpack sells in over 30 colors / patterns, making it easy to find a style that suits your personality.

It is designed to meet most college requirements while remaining compact for everyday travel. And while this backpack has a mobile-friendly design, it’s big enough to carry books, laptop/tablets and other necessities.

In addition to the spacious main compartment, there is a storage compartment in front that allows access to your belongings that you can grab and go. This includes your college ID, credit card, pen and pencil, cell phone, keys and more.

It features an ergonomically adjustable S-shaped shoulder strap with air suspension for transport over the shoulder during commuting. Alternatively, the shoulder straps can be stored in a convenient retractable pocket system when not in use.

This is useful for those who want to use the backpack in wheeled mode. The multi-stage T-shaped telescopic handle, which is part of the construction, reduces inaccessible space and reduces the total weight of the backpack. Finally, the bottom of the backpack has solid color-matching wheels with a soft, quiet design for quiet movement. In addition, there is a color-matching bottom shape with round legs for greater protection and strength.

Thanks to its compact design, it is one of the best rolling backpacks for students who are always on the move. Of course, it offers excellent storage space and excellent mobility for everyday commuting.

6. High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack

The High Sierra Chaser laptop backpack on wheels is great for college and nursing students who want a classic design. This rolling backpack has a wide enough main body for books, clothes, laptop/tablet, and other necessities.

There is a special case for storing electronics such as an iPad / tablet. On the front of the backpack is an organizational compartment with storage locks, velcro pockets, and mesh pockets.

There is also an accessory with a zipper for small items in the organizer compartment. Finally, a bottle pocket on the side of the backpack will prevent your drink from getting on your arm.

This backpack uses Duralite 600-Denier fabric to improve durability and weather resistance. This makes the backpack more resistant to tearing, tearing and another rough handling.

There are three ways to carry a backpack. First, users can take advantage of the redesigned handle for “grab and drop” travel. Secondly, there are S-shaped shoulder straps that contour the body when worn over the shoulders.

This improves comfort and mobility when traveling without hands. In addition, the straps are made and adjustable to provide an optimistic wearing experience. When not in use, they can be hidden to protect them.

Finally, users will be able to control the backpack in wheeled mode. In the corners there are several smooth rolling wheels with protective corner covers and repair rails to improve mobile transport.

In fact, the smooth wheel rails allow for a consistent and stable ride on a flat surface. If there are no castors, the retractable telescopic handle can be placed in a zippered box.

7. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

The compact Rolling Backpack Targus is an elegant and versatile backpack designed for high mobility. This backpack has a spacious central area for books, notebooks, stationery and other necessities.

Internal elastic clothing straps help secure important clothing and separate it from the rest of your clothing. There is also a special refurbished laptop case and a soft-lined tablet case, which are great for electronics.

In addition to these compartments, the first part has plenty of storage space for small items. It easily fits a smartphone, pen, calculator, and other fast charging items.

And for those who need more space, there are eye pockets on each side of the rolling backpack.

On the back, there is a double-sided plastic cover, which protects and hides the grooves of the silent roller. This ensures fast movement while minimizing potential damage. In addition, hidden shoulder straps may come loose when using the bag like a traditional backpack. The compact Targus rolling backpack is an elegant, lightweight bag for students who wear electronics, clothing, and other necessities.

8. Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack

The Rockland Double Handle Rolling Backpack offers a modern design at an affordable price. This backpack has a number of central compartments for college books, clothes and other necessities.

In addition, it contains a front pocket for nuts with a zipper for small items that you need easy access to.

The upper part of the backrest has a redesigned handle for fast movement over short distances. In addition, a separate retractable double handle provides adjustment when shifting to wheel mode. Several small, sturdy corners are attached to the inline skates, which make it easier to move around the campus. This allows the bag to maintain a compact design without sacrificing mobility.

The bottom and sides have been reinforced to further increase durability. The addition of these features protects the chassis and wheels from damage when used as a bicycle backpack.

For those who prefer the traditional use of a backpack, shoulder straps are included. The shoulder straps can be easily detected and adapted to your personal needs.

It is also packaged to provide a comfortable fit and less distractions on long journeys.

In terms of materials, this backpack is made of high-quality polyester to create a solid construction for long-lasting performance. Rockland’s Double Handle Rolling Backpack is great for students who want a cheap backpack with wheels for school.

9. High Sierra XBT Business Rolling Laptop Backpack

The High Sierra XBT Business Rolling Laptop Backpack in the High Sierra is a well-designed rolling backpack that is great for college or medical school. This backpack has a spacious front part with a computer case with case that will fit most 15 “laptops.

The main compartment has plenty of space to store college books, clothes, shoes, and other necessities. Additional backpack compartments offer opportunities for better organization.

Includes mesh pockets and a media pocket to secure your belongings. Finally, the front has an outer D-ring for attaching accessories and side pockets for storage and travel necessities.

This rolling backpack has a waffle weave, Duralite rip-stop design, which reduces scratches and abrasions and increases durability.

A pair of mesh shoulder straps tucked behind a zippered back panel can support the shoulder as needed. In addition to the shoulder straps, there is a tubular telescopic handle, which is hidden inside when needed. In fact, it can be easily pushed out of the middle for cycling. Speaking of wheels, this backpack has wheels equipped with corner wheels for quick and easy travel.

Overall, the High Sierra rolling backpack offers a traditional look that is visually pleasing. When traveling at night, reflective elements make you visible to oncoming vehicles and ensure extra safety.

In addition, this backpack is available in many colors to prefer a specific look. If you want a suitable rolling backpack for college, the XBT Business Rolling Backpack is a great choice.

10. JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack

JanSport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack

The JanSport’s Driver 8 backpack is ideal for college students and nurses who need to wear a lot. Provides ample space for heavy books, school supplies and clothing. In fact, the versatile design is suitable for easy commuting.

This bag has a large main compartment with a renovated laptop compartment for laptops up to 15 ″. In addition, the second box provides more storage space for the things you want to separate. On the front of the backpack are several pockets for organization. It contains a zip pocket at the top with two inner pocket flaps and a front accessory pocket.

Finally, there is a side pocket, which is great for carrying a water bottle as an umbrella. This applies to those who travel from class to class outside.

This rolling backpack offers many ways to travel when it comes to mobility. To drive the wheels, several rear corners with reinforced corners are attached to the inline skate wheels.

This will help protect the backpack when cornering or cornering. In addition, this backpack has a two-stage, aluminum handles with handles for quick height adjustment if needed.

If you want to use the bag in backpack mode, the hidden shoulder straps can be fastened with D-rings. Conversely, when not in use, the straps can be placed in an inner cabinet. This ensures that they do not harm or pose a risk to the pregnancy.To increase durability, this rolling backpack is made of durable, water-resistant nylon materials that offer excellent protection against the weather. As a result, you can focus on going to class without worrying too much about the safety of your equipment.

In fact, it is one of the best backpacks for students who want a lightweight design with high functionality.

11. High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack

The High Sierra’s Powerglide Wheeled Backpack is one of the most reliable rolling backpacks for college and nursing students who need equipment and organization.

This backpack offers a large main compartment for essentials and a dedicated laptop slot for 17 “devices. The front of the backpack also has an organizational compartment with multiple pockets to optimize the placement of accessories.

Finally, there is a clip on the front and side pockets with a zipper that provides more storage space. In terms of durability, this backpack has a waffle binding design that reduces abrasion and abrasion. In addition, it contains weather-resistant materials for long-lasting performance.

The bottom of the backpack is reinforced with a protective digging board for better resistance to damage when wrapping the backpack.

To manage your trip, there are many transportation options. First of all, this backpack uses bikes in any style of terrain with angle protectors and abrasive strips. It provides a lasting experience while protecting the backpack from damage, scratches and abrasion. To move the backpack on wheels, simply extend the telescopic handle with the double tube to the desired length. The locking mechanism allows you to quickly adjust and hide the handle when not in use.

Second, behind the zipped back panel is a hidden refurbished S-shaped shoulder strap. This allows the user to carry a traditional backpack as needed. Finally, the comfortable handle on the top of the backpack offers fast travel if you want to move fast. Like other High Sierra bags, the Powerglide backpack has reflective strips to increase safety at night. Whether you are traveling on university grounds or commuting, this backpack offers plenty of storage space and plenty of organization.

12. Matein College Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Matein’s College Wheeled Laptop Backpack is a compact computer bag used for school, business and travel. This backpack with wheels is useful for students who want a small backpack for everyday commuting.

When it comes to storage, a laptop-friendly backpack has four identical compartments. In fact, each storage space offers its own unique benefits to those who want the best organization.

First, there is the main compartment, which provides a pocket for clothes and straps for travel. On the other side, there is also space for a tablet, laptop, or other electronics.

Second, we have an easy-to-access pocket for storing notebooks, binders, binders and other thin items. It is a very good place to store sensitive books that are different from other needs.

Finally, the organizer compartment provides storage space for small accessories and the front zip pocket holds dust and things.

Like other backpacks with wheels, this school bag uses several modes of transport. The chassis has a robust base with inline wheels that allow fast ground driving.

During hands-free travel, concealed shoulder straps can be illuminated to provide a traditional backpacking experience. Finally, users can take advantage of the redesigned handle for fast travel.

Matein’s College laptop backpack on wheels is great for students who wear electronics and college wear. Small size, robust construction and organizational area are ideal for everyday trips.

13. Ambor Wheeled Laptop Backpack

Ambor’s Wheeled Laptop Backpack offers organization and optimization on a scale suitable for travel. This backpack has a compact design with several pockets/compartments for storing and organizing all your things and accessories.

The main area offers space for books, electronics, and clothes. In addition, there are two separate storage areas for a 15.6 ″ laptop and tablet. There are two additional compartments for a backpack, which are available for books and small necessities. It’s basically called a bookcase and a pocket with quick access. As you may have guessed, the library offers space for exercise books, an umbrella, and one or two college books.

On the other hand, there are smaller items in an easily accessible pocket, including pens, phones, calculators, chargers, and other accessories. Finally, there are compartments with zippers on the side and mesh pockets for a water bottle, thermos, compact umbrella and other items.

The bottom of the rolling backpack has a solid base and a rubber pulley to support the bag when not in use. The support base also protects the inside of the backpack and helps keep it upright.

When traveling, users can use the robust monotelescopic handle for quick movement. On the other hand, when used as a shoulder bag, the wheels are protected by a shoulder strap cover to ensure long-lasting performance.

14. Everest Standard Wheeled Backpack

Everest Standard Wheeled Backpack is a simplified rolling backpack that focuses primarily on providing open space. This rolling backpack consists of a large main compartment with a small front and a zip pocket.

Each area is spacious, allowing users to place large items inside without distracting or taking up space in their pockets.

In fact, this backpack needs much faster access when it comes to organization. This allows users to purchase their own organizational bags if they want more departments for their needs. Thanks to its simplified design, the rolling backpack is extremely cheap for those who have a limited budget. It is basically divided into several parts and provides a basic level of organization.

In this way, users can maneuver the backpack using the mobile wheels, shoulder strap or one of the two handles. When used as a bicycle backpack, the straps can be hidden, while the extended telescope lens supports the instant movement.

Finally, this rolling backpack is sold in three different colors: black, navy, and red to suit different tastes. The standard Everest wheeled backpack is ideal for students who want open space at an affordable price.


After reading reviews on the Best rolling backpack for college students, you can make a wise decision.

And believe me, you will not regret your decision if you decide to carry these backpacks.

If you need my help, here is my top recommendation. Matein is a well-known brand that offers good customer support and has manuals on your blog where you can solve any problem (like one).

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