15 Common iOS 12 Problems and How to Fix Them

OS 12 Issues and Solutions: Some iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users are experiencing problems with the most recent release of iOS 12. Some of these problems are brand-new, while others have existed in earlier iOS releases.

15 Common iOS 12 Problems
15 Common iOS 12 Problems

Strange battery drain, Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth problems, Touch ID problems, audio problems, and other issues are currently on the list of iOS 12 bugs.

Others of these problems can be solved from the comfort of your chair or couch, while others might need Apple’s assistance or a trip to an Apple Store.

Consider updating to Apple’s iOS 14 update if you have an iPhone 6s or later and are for some reason still on iOS 12. It might have been beneficial.

We’ll walk you through the fixes for the most typical iOS 12 issues in this guide. Take a look at our list before contacting customer service or taking your device to the shop if you’re having problems with battery life, connectivity, or something completely different.

How to solve installation problems with iOS 12.

There is a straightforward fix for the issue if the download or installation is stuck.

Hard reset your phone or tablet if you’re having trouble downloading iOS 12. Hold down the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until the device reboots to accomplish this.

You can either wait a few minutes and try again if you are having trouble loading pages quickly, or you can check your internet connection. Your router might be the cause of this issue.

how to solve battery life problems with iOS 12.

The iOS 12 update might not be the issue if your battery is depleting more quickly than usual. Instead, it might be a malicious app or some of your bad habits.

Sometimes, after a few days, battery life may even get worse. Your device will, occasionally automatically, adapt to the new update.

Check out our list of fixes if you’re having battery problems after installing iOS 12. It will explain how to handle a poor battery life.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, your battery might be defective. In this situation, you must get in touch with Apple to request a replacement. Make a Genius Bar appointment if you live close to an Apple Store. In a matter of minutes, they can identify the issue.

Solutions for Bluetooth Issues in iOS 12.

Anytime problems with Bluetooth can occur, and they are very challenging to resolve. Here are a few methods that have previously worked for us if your iPhone or iPad won’t pair with a Bluetooth device.

You should first disregard your device’s Bluetooth connection.

You should reset the network settings on your device if that doesn’t solve the problem. Do it:.

Your device will forget all currently recognized Bluetooth devices after a brief time. Make sure you have the passwords close at hand because it will also forget your previously used Wi-Fi networks. See if it works by reconnecting your device.

Another option is to reset your device to its default settings. Do it:.
Therefore, make sure you have the appropriate credentials. This will also cause your device to forget all previously established Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, download the most recent iOS 12 update.

Check that you have the appropriate credentials.
Following the installation of the iOS 12 update, you should try the following things if your network speed is slow or your connections are dropping.

Examine your connection before tinkering with your device’s settings. If you’re connected to your wireless network at home, try unplugging your router for a moment and then plugging it back in.

Go to your device’s settings if you don’t have access to the router you’re using or if you are certain it is unrelated to your Wi-Fi network.

To begin with, try putting the problematic Wi-Fi network out of your mind.

Have the Wi-Fi password on hand because this will cause your device to forget it.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, try wiping the network settings.

Additionally, if you don’t have your Wi-Fi password on hand, this will make your device forget it. You must visit Apple’s Guide to Wi-Fi Issues if none of this is helpful.

You should install the most recent version of iOS 12, if you haven’t already.

How to Resolve Cellular Data Problems in iOS 12.

Here’s what you should do if your device starts to complain that you don’t have service or that you can’t connect to LTE or 4G all of a sudden.

Check to see if there are any cell service outages in your neighborhood first. For news, look on social media or get in touch with your Twitter service provider. We also advise looking on Detector down to see if other people in your area are experiencing the same issues.

You’ll need to restart your iPhone or iPad and check to see if the connection still works after determining that the issue isn’t caused by a network outage in your area.

If that doesn’t restore order, try putting your device in Airplane Mode for 30 seconds before turning it off. All connections on your device are disabled when in airplane mode.

Try turning off Cellular Data and/or LTE to see if that helps if switching between Airplane Mode on and Off doesn’t work.

Disable LTE by doing the following.

If you want to totally disable cellular data without also disabling other services, do the following:.


How to Fix Visual Voicemail Problems in iOS 12.

Some iOS 12 users cannot access Visual Voicemail. There are a few things we can try if the Visual Voicemail popup is not appearing on your device.

Initially, try allowing the voicemail to play in its entirety. Reopen the app after closing it once you’re done. The issue should be resolved by restarting your device.
Additionally, we were able to activate Airplane Mode for a brief period before turning it off.

How to Fix GPS Problems in iOS 12.

GPS problems are being reported by a number of iOS 12 users. If there is a problem with your hardware, this is another typical iOS issue that can be resolved fairly quickly.

You should first try a straightforward restart. Try turning airplane mode on or off to see if that starts something if restarting your phone or tablet doesn’t work. If it doesn’t, check your location permissions to make sure the app is permitted to use GPS.

regarding this:.

Additionally, you can try turning Location Services on and off to see if that fixes the issue:.

The network settings on your device may need to be reset if that doesn’t work.

How to Resolve Screen Time Issues in iOS 12.

If it functions properly, iOS 12’s new Screen Time feature is very helpful. Try the following if you’re having issues with Screen Time.

Try restarting your device first. This may provide a solution. If it doesn’t, try turning Screen Time off and then back on. Do it:.

If you’re still having problems, try having your device set the time and data automatically. Do it:.

In the event that doesn’t work, try resetting your device.

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