How to choose a hand pedometer – 5 Best and most accurate models

A pedometer is a device that counts the number of steps you take in a given period of time or throughout the day. You can regulate the load level with it. To prevent overload, the device was initially developed for athletes and the military. In an effort to combat the disease of our time, physical inactivity, it is now used by proponents of a healthy lifestyle.

choose a hand pedometer
choose a hand pedometer

The selection criteria that should be taken into consideration

Pedometers can be fastened to the hand like a bracelet, to the belt, to the chest, to the neck, to the shoulder, to the soles of the shoes, to the laces, and in some models, to a bag.

The type of physical activity must be taken into consideration when selecting a device

  • Running and jumping while carrying a bag is not always practical.
  • When practicing parkour and sports, wrist models are at risk of being harmed.
  • The sole-mounted devices give accurate readings but quickly fail under heavy loads.

Additional Features Include

A less intense load is not taken into account when counting steps when walking faster than the parameters that have been set in the settings:

  • Taking into account traveled distances.
  • Time spent on training is being counted down.
  • Heart rate and pressure measurements.

Some pedometers calculate how many calories are expended while walking and estimate how many fat reserves are used. Although they are optional, sometimes you just can’t live without extra features.


Consider the information you need to gather before selecting a pedometer. For instance, during exercise, the core should regulate heart rate because it’s crucial for obese people to see the fruits of their labor. To get better advice, consider your own needs when choosing an appliance.

An analysis of the top wrist-mounted pedometer models. It is challenging to avoid becoming perplexed among the enormous selection of pedometers. You can choose wisely by looking at a number of models that customers have praised in their reviews.


It is a multipurpose device with many features, including calorie counting, creating training zones, calculating average heart rate, logging maximum heart rate, stopwatch, and clock.

How to pick a hand pedometer

The main traits are:

  • location of wear: wrist.
  • External pulse-sensor.
  • Protection from moisture: yes.


An accurate model that measures well and has a user-friendly interface and an easy setup.


When the permitted number of heartbeats is exceeded, there is no audible signal.

PM45 Beurer

Dependable technology made in Germany. counts calories consumed, measures heart rate, displays time, and has a stopwatch built in. when the permitted heart rate is exceeded, it signals.

Principal Traits

  • Wrist is where it is worn.
  • External pulse oximeter.
  • Protection from moisture: yes.


One of the best and most accurate pedometers; high-quality German assembly; dependable, long-lasting operation; users report that even the straps last more than ten years; very easy setup; screen backlight makes it easier to use the device in the dark.


Some individuals dislike the design.


Model that costs little. Despite the limited number of options, it has all the features required for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, such as calorie counting, training zone settings, stopwatch, and clock.

Principal traits

  • Wrist is where it is worn.
  • External pulse sensor.
  • Protection against moisture: yes.


The heart rate monitor is dependable and simple to use.


Reviews from users lack user feedback.

The iSport W117

Affordable, multipurpose model. the quantity of functions, similar to pricey models. The gadget records training zones and tracks heart rate while calculating calories burned. shows the time, the maximum heart rate, and an internal stopwatch.

Principal Features:

Place of wear: Wrist.
External pulse sensor: Yes.
Protection against moisture: Yes.


The device is conveniently attached to the wrist so it won’t interfere with training. Large numbers on the display make it easier to review data while training, and there is a chest sensor.


Signal sporadically drops, chest sensor is challenging to fasten.

The ranking of pedometers for a healthy lifestyle does not contain all excellent models, but it will make it easier to choose a gadget. Devices are continuously being enhanced by manufacturers. However, new bells and whistles and additional features are not always required. Controlling it while working out is simple thanks to a small number of options.

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