How to fix laptop mouse not working in 2022? Step by step process


One of the most frustrating issues a laptop user can experience is the laptop mouse not working. If your computer or USB mouse is not working, you can simply swap it out for another external USB port, but when the laptop touchpad has stopped working, there is no easy fix.

Even fixing this issue proves to be difficult because all troubleshooting calls for moving your cursor.

fix laptop mouse not working
fix laptop mouse not working

There’s no need to panic if you’re wondering how to fix a laptop whose mouse freezes when the touchpad isn’t working. There is still another way to fix this issue. There are numerous USB ports on every laptop.

Using this USB port and an external mouse will help us fix touchpad issues. Prepare a USB mouse if you don’t already have one before reading the tutorial below.

You must have a mouse for yourself, I’m assuming. Now that we know how to defrost a laptop mouse, let’s learn how to do it. .

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How to fix a laptop mouse that isn’t working.

There are several causes for a laptop mouse to freeze. As a result, you need to try several fixes. Any of the fixes might be able to fix your laptop issue, depending on the issue.

To learn how to fix a mouse on a laptop running Windows 8/9/10, we’ll go through each fix one at a time. Yes, every step listed below can be used with every Windows version.

Let’s explore the possibilities for resolving this issue.

First-step solution: Verify the responsiveness of your OS.

Our operating system frequently stops responding, which can lead to a problem. The mouse pointer will also freeze when the OS does. To find out if your laptop is frozen or if the issue is with the touchpad, check that first before moving on to any other solutions.

Try the method below to see if the OS is active.

Check the green light’s status by pressing the number Lock key on your keyboard. The OS has stopped functioning if the indicator stays stationary.
Your keyboard’s Tab key can be used to move the mouse pointer. If the pointer is moving, the OS is functioning properly and the touchpad is no longer functional.

Restarting the laptop will fix any issues if the operating system has failed. If not, read the next section.

Solution 2: Verify that the touchpad is turned on.

Inadvertently turning off the touchpad while using a laptop causes us to panic and search for a fix. The small button that is directly above the touchpad is the touchpad button.

Simply press the button to test the pointer’s functionality. See the screen below if you can’t find the button.

Alternatively, you can toggle the touchpad on or off by pressing the touchpad key (located below the number 9 key) along with the fn keyboard keys.

You don’t need to continue reading the manual if this fixes your issue.

Check your touchpad settings as a third option.

Due to incorrect settings, the laptop mouse also causes issues. Check your touchpad settings and enable your touchpad to get your touchpad to work. This is how you do it.

Enter a search term and select Start. Enter after modifying the search field’s mouse settings.

The window for mouse properties will be displayed as a result. Now access your Thinkpad and make sure the Enable touchpad option is checked under the Hardware tab. View the screenshot below to quickly locate the option.

Check the box right away if it is not already checked.
Don’t freak out if you couldn’t find Thinkpad or if it didn’t have a touchpad. Your Windows version might call this setting something else. Therefore, look for a comparable choice. Continue to the next solution if the problem doesn’t go away.

Check to see if any external devices are to blame for the error.

Your touchpad may occasionally stop working as a result of various external devices like an external keyboard, USB, or other similar devices. Therefore, the external devices on your laptop could also be the cause of your laptop mouse not working.

Disconnect these devices from the laptop and check the touchpad again to confirm that the laptop mouse is not malfunctioning for the same reason. Otherwise, carry on if everything is going well.

The fifth option is to check and update your touchpad drivers.

Your laptop mouse may not be functioning as a result of touchpad drivers. Verify that the touchpad drivers are installed on your system, and if they are, make sure they are updated to the most recent version.

Install the drivers from the laptop manufacturer’s website if there aren’t any. Update them to the most recent version if they are not already. These steps will update your touchpad drivers to the most recent version.

In the search box on the Start menu, click Device Manager.
Click Mice and other pointing devices twice in Device Manager. screen below.

Locate your touch screen driver now, then choose Update Driver Software from the context menu. screen below.

Choose Automatically search for updated drivers in the following window, then carry out the steps that appear on the screen to finish the process.

Restart your laptop once everything is finished, then test the touchpad.

Reset Windows to a previous period of time.
Restore your computer to a previous restore point if none of the solutions above work for you and you are still unable to identify the problem that is causing it. Let’s check to see if this fixes the issue.

Depending on your Windows version, the recovery procedure might be different. Google your laptop’s model to find instructions on how to repair it.

I firmly believe that the odds of still experiencing the laptop mouse not working error after taking all the necessary steps are extremely slim.

Even after trying all of the aforementioned fixes, if your mouse pad is still not functional, there’s a good chance that your laptop’s touchpad hardware is broken. You don’t need an online manual for a hardware error, either!

You’ll require a hardware expert’s assistance to troubleshoot hardware issues. Fix your issue by giving him a call.

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