How to Install iMessage Apps on iPhone – Best Guide in 2023

Learn how to set up and use iMessage apps in iOS 10 and iOS 11. With the free update, you can now use iMessage apps, including games that you can play directly in the iPhone’s Message app, along with stickers and shareable photos and videos.

How to Install iMessage Apps on iPhone
How to Install iMessage Apps on iPhone

On iOS 10, Apple provides the iMessage app store, which enables you to search for iMessage apps, but not the traditional app store. Even more perplexing, when you install the main app on an iPhone, iMessage apps are not automatically installed.

You must have iOS 10 installed on your iPhone in order to use iMessage apps, but you can send stickers and a few other apps to iOS 9 or earlier users.

How to set up iMessage applications.

The following instructions will show you how to install iMessage apps on your iPhone so that you can start sending stickers, playing iMessage games, and enhancing your messages.

iMessage App Installation on the iPhone. iOS 10 installation instructions for iMessage apps. You must . It doesn’t matter if the message is brand-new or already exists if you have iOS 10 installed. then in this article. to log in to the iMessage app store. In iOS 10, you can use Messages to install iMessage apps. You can click on your preferred apps from here. or Mario Run, to start. Install the desired iMessage app once you’ve located it.

How to use the iMessage apps

Once the iMessage apps are installed, you can use them to send stickers and games. For some of these apps to function, you might need to grant access to your camera and microphone.

iOS 10 iMessage app usage instructions

To display the application in full-screen mode in some of these applications, click the up arrow in the lower right corner. To begin a game or find the picture or video you want to send, tap the search bar.

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