How to reboot a frozen Galaxy Note 10

By | April 23, 2022

If your Galaxy Note 10 is stuck in an endless boot loop, this quick guide will help you get back into your phone. If your phone is acting strangely, freezing, or isn’t responding at all, we’re here to help. Just follow our instructions below instead.

You can’t just pull out the battery when your phone is acting up, nor can you press the power button to turn it back on. Instead, you must press multiple keys at the same time. This works on Galaxy Note 10 (and Note 10+) and Note 10 5G (and Note 10+).

How to reboot a frozen Galaxy Note 10

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, here’s a quick and easy way to solve most of your problems. Remember, this is on your smartphone.

If your phone is very badly damaged or frozen, it may go into a so-called “safe mode”.Follow the instructions onscreen to use the volume buttons to navigate to the ‘reboot’ option, then press thepower button to select reboot. Be careful when selecting the “wipe data” option, as this is oneof the options.

That’s everything you need to know to restart a stuck Galaxy Note 10+. It works on all devices running Android 4.4 KitKat (and later) and almost any Samsung device released in the past few years.

If you’ve tried everything we suggested and your Note 10 still won’t turn back on, try charging it overnight.If it still won’t power up, contact Samsung or your network provider for a replacement.

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