How to set up a tonometer correctly – Best Guide 2022

One of the cheapest self-diagnosis tools is a tonometer, which can be set up properly. Blood pressure can be measured at home due to its accessibility to the general public. However, few people are aware that this device still needs to be adjusted in order to ensure accurate readings. As a result, the question of how to set up a tonometer frequently comes up.

set up a tonometer correctly
set up a tonometer correctly

how to correctly set up a tonometer.

The best way to get started is to purchase a blood pressure monitor from a pharmacy or specialty store. There, they have already undergone inspection and standardization. For mechanical models. At the factory, the manufacturer tests the electronic products, which are currently the most popular. The manual blood pressure monitors made by Omron, which dominate the Russian market in terms of sales, can be used as an example to determine whether the device passed the accuracy test. Each copy has a unique sticker seal proving that it was never used following the master’s repair.

After making a purchase, the user only needs to set the date and time. You can finish it by yourself by:.

Put the battery pack back in after removing it.
Activate the device.
The time and date settings will turn on as a result.
The date is set first, then the month, using the “+” and “-” buttons.
You must press the “Start/Stop” button after changing each number. The time indicator will appear following the date setting and Start/Stop button press. Similar settings are made for the indicators.

How to evaluate a device’s accuracy.

All device owners will be able to use the options below because this query typically comes up while using the device at home.

These are the techniques:.

Make contact with a business that sells medical supplies so that the item can be examined using the tools available for this.
A pharmacist can assist you by comparing the readings of a tonometer that has just been tested with one that has been used.
Independently in the presence of an established tonometer, by connecting both instruments to a single cuff, and comparing the results.

Giving the device to the local standardization center for verification, where the necessary equipment is available, is the best but most expensive option.

What to do if your measurement is off.

Make sure the blood pressure measurement procedure is done correctly at first, then move on. Many people use wrist blood pressure monitors, which is not advised for those over 45. Furthermore, the error of such instruments can reach 20 mm Hg. Art.

The psychological state at the time of measurement or the incorrect posture can also have an impact on the readings of all the others.

The only thing left to do is to take the device to an accredited company with a license to service medical devices, where specialists will be able to spot and fix the error after all other potential causes have been ruled out.

Conclusion Anyone can buy a tonometer because of its low price. The suggestions must be complied with in order to prevent pressure measurement errors. You should get in touch with the pharmacy or a specialized organization for verification and adjustment on specialized equipment if you have any doubts about the results.

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