How to set up a tonometer correctly – Best Guide 2022

By | April 16, 2022

How to set up a tonometer correctly: A tonometer is one of the most affordable self-diagnosis tools. Due to its availability to the general public, blood pressure can be measured at home. But few people know that this device still needs to be adjusted, otherwise the readings may be incorrect. Therefore, the question often arises of how to set up a tonometer.

How to set up a tonometer correctly

How to set up a tonometer correctly

How to set up a tonometer correctly

Initial setup The best way is to buy a blood pressure monitor at a pharmacy or specialty store. There they are already checked and adjusted using a standard. This is for mechanical models. Electronic, which are now the most popular, are tested by the manufacturer at the factory. You can find out that the device has passed the accuracy-test using the example of Omron manual blood pressure monitors (sales leaders in the Russian market). Each copy has a special sticker seal, which confirms that no one used it after the repair by the master.

The only thing after the purchase is the user needs to set the date and time. You can do it yourself:

  1. Take out the battery pack and put it back in.
  2. Turn on the device.
  3. This will activate the date and time setting.
  4. Using the “+” and “-” buttons, the date is set first, then the month.
  5. After adjusting each number, you need to press the “Start / Stop” button. After setting the date and pressing Start/Stop, the time indicator will appear. The indicators are set in the same way.

How to check the accuracy of the device.

Since this question mainly arises during home use, all owners of the device will be able to use the options below.

The methods are as follows:

  1. contact a store selling medical equipment, where the device will be checked on the equipment provided for this;
  2. ask for help from a pharmacist who will compare the readings of a newly tested tonometer with a used one;
  3. independently in the presence of a proven tonometer, by connecting both devices to one cuff and comparing the results.

The ideal, but at the same time the most expensive way is to hand over the device for verification to the regional standardization center, where the appropriate equipment is available

What to do if you measure incorrectly

In the beginning, you need to make sure that the blood pressure measurement procedure itself is carried out correctly. Many people use blood pressure monitors on the wrist, which is not recommended for people over 45 years old. In addition, the error of such devices can be up to 20 mm Hg. Art.

The readings of all the others can also be affected by the psychological state at the time of measurement or the wrong posture.

Having eliminated all factors, it remains only to take the device to an accredited organization that has a license to service medical devices, where specialists will be able to identify and eliminate the error.

Conclusion Due to the low cost, anyone can purchase a tonometer. In order to avoid errors in measuring pressure, the recommendations must be followed. If there is any doubt about the results, you should contact the pharmacy or a special organization for verification and adjustment on special equipment.

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