How to turn on the multicooker

The multicooker was created many years ago for the purpose of cooking a variety of dishes. Cooking is facilitated and time is saved by this multifunctional appliance. In an automated or semi-automatic mode, products are loaded into a special ceramic bowl and cooked. The duration ranges from 2 to 8 hours on average. Because they are prepared in their own juice, the dishes at the exit are very helpful. The multicooker’s modes, how to use them, and how to turn it on are covered next.

turn on the multicooker
turn on the multicooker

How to activate the multi-cooker.

getting ready to use a new gadget.

You must carry out a few straightforward steps to get the multicooker ready to use:.

The container in which the products will be kept must be thoroughly cleaned.
Connect the electric outlet to the multicooker.
Start the “Bowl Warmer” mode and shut the lid tightly.
Turn off the device when the distinctive signal appears. A few models carry this out automatically.

Start and choice of mode.

These are the modes that the majority of contemporary multicookers have.

Cookies. Standard program that works with the majority of products.
Extinguishing. It is used to prepare side dishes of vegetables, fish, and meat.
dishes. Frying. serves as the primary and secondary methods for frying the same vegetables and meat.
baking. Biscuits and buns can be baked with it.
Kashi. both water and milk may be used to cook it.
Sterilization. Cans and eating utensils for children are intended to be processed.
Yearning. After baking, dishes are ready.
incredibly fat. Products are cooked in oil or batter.
both manual mode and yogurt. By pressing the Start / Start button after choosing the desired mode, you can begin.
the multicooker’s power switch location.

By pressing the Start / Start button after choosing the desired mode, you can begin.

what to do.

There are general guidelines for use that apply to all models, but specifics of how to use a specific model are detailed in the instructions that come with it.

Products shouldn’t be delivered in greater quantities than are permitted. The content will overflow if it loads over a specific point.
Water should only be added strictly in accordance with the recipe.
It is also used to set the temperature. You can use any of the installed programs, which show the average temperature and cooking time, if it is not specified in the recipe.

How a double boiler in a multicooker works.

It will be helpful for those who follow a balanced diet. It can be utilized in the following manner:.

The kit includes a special grill that you should use with the products.
Fill the ceramic bowl with water until the line is reached.
With food inside, place the grate.
Set the time and launch the multicooker after selecting “Steamer” if necessary.
You can lift the lid after hearing the beep. This needs to be done very carefully because steam has built up inside during cooking, increasing the risk of serious burns.

Multi-cooking capability.

With this function, you can control the cooking parameters (temperature and time), but only within the predetermined range. Additionally, the precise number cannot be set because some models allow the parameters to be set in “steps,” or in increments of 5 or 10.

Utilizing Multicooking is simple:.

You must first prepare the items and add them to the bowl.
With a lid, firmly close them.
Choose the “Multi-cook” mode.
Choose a cooking method, such as stewing, boiling, etc., if necessary.
Choose a cooking method, such as stewing, boiling, etc. if necessary.

A multi-cooker is a wonderful appliance with many uses that is very practical in daily life. It will make cooking quick, easy, and enjoyable. Following all operating regulations is crucial.

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