How to use filters on iPhone photos

By | April 23, 2022

With iPhone photo filters, you’ll be able to dramatically change the look of your pictures.

Apple’s Photos app is a great tool for organizing and cataloging storage space. However, it includes several editing features that eliminate the need to upload photos to a computer for further edits.

With Photos in iOS, there are many simple edits you can do to crop or enhance brightness, but you can also add filters to your photos.

How to use filters on iPhone photos

Here are the steps for applying filters to your photos.

Watch the video above for an overview of how to add filters to photos.

You can use filters in the iPhone Photos app to enhance your photos.

When you open the Photo app, you’re going to see your Memories or Camera roll, as well as any images and videos you’re taking or screenshots you’re taking. Clicking on these individual photos will give you the option to make adjustments in full-screen mode.

When you click on a photo, you’ll see your Share icon in the lower left corner, favorite heart, edit slider, and trash can icons. Clicking on the slider allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness of the image.

How to use filters on iPhone photos
How to use filters on iPhone photos

When clicking on the Edit icon, you will see options for further editing, which includes adding filters. You will recognize the filter icon because it looks like the veins in the three shaded circles (see Figure 1).Figure 1: Adding Filters

When you click on the different filter options you will see AlivePhotopReview with the FilterApp. When you save a photo, the photo will be saved with the filter applied, but you can easily remove the filter by repeating your steps and selecting None from the Filter Options.

How to use filters to take photos on iPhone

You can use filters to create unique images. When using the camera app, there’s an icon for the three-circle filter in the top right corner. Tap it to open the filter options. You can select a filter and capture your photo with it applied.

Third-party apps like Instagram or Blender have filters that you can add to photos, but I’ve often found the perfect filter in the iOS Photos app itself. The advantage is that you don’t have to use filters and can change them at any point in the photo app.

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