Price & Specifications of OPPO Pad with Snapdragon 870 – Best Guide 2022

Starting on March 3, 2022, the OPPO Pad with Snapdragon 870 will be available in China. This company’s first tablet is unveiled at the same time as the global debut of its newest flagship model, the OPPO Find X5 Series.

Price & Specifications of OPPO Pad with Snapdragon 870
Price & Specifications of OPPO Pad with Snapdragon 870

The OPPO Pad, which is anticipated to be the toughest rival for the iPad, has a look that is reminiscent of a stylus pen. Additionally, this tablet has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G chipset and an 8,360 mAh battery.

Many tech enthusiasts, especially those who use tablets, are curious about this tablet and wonder if it can actually compete with Apple’s flagship model. Additionally, this is the first time since the Chinese company’s founding in 2004 that OPPO has entered the tablet market.

You can decide for yourself by listening to the discussion of the features and costs of the OPPO Pad below to get the answers to the questions above. Cheers, everyone!

The OPPO Pad has a 120Hz refresh rate IPS LCD screen to support tasks like design and writing on tabs. With a maximum screen size of 11 inches and a pixel density of 275 ppi, the display has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. 86.3 percent of the screen is visible when the bezels are relatively thin.

The Snapdragon 870 5G chipset also ensures quick and reliable performance. Although it isn’t Qualcomm’s newest generation flagship chipset, its performance is reliable and it is still useful today.

With Snapdragon 870, OPPO Pad.

There are still a few significant features on the OPPO Pad. The table below contains more details, which you can view:.

OPPO Pad information.
Dimensions 252 mm2, 163 mm 8, and 7 mm 1.
507 g in weight.
No cell phone connection, SIM.
Android OS, ColorOS, and 12.
Display a 120Hz refresh rate, 11-inch IPS LCD.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 5G (7nm) processor.
650 Adreno GPU.
RAM 6/8GB.
128 or 256GB internal memory.
Play Camera A single 13 MP, f/2, 26mm (wide), AF camera.
8 MP, f/2.0, wide-angle front camera.
Non-removable Li-Po 8360 mAh battery with 33W fast charging.
Price ($363).
Key Characteristics of the OPPO Pad.
Snapdragon 870 OPPO Pad.

The OPPO Pad’s features are not to be taken lightly, despite the fact that it is OPPO’s first tablet line. In order to compete with other brands’ flagship tablets, Tony Chen’s smartphone line offers a variety of features and the most recent technology.

Check out the explanation on the following points to learn more about the standard features that are offered on the OPPO Pad:.

1. Support the OPPO Pencil Stylus.

When it comes to tablets, the OPPO Pad feels incomplete without a stylus pen. The OPPO Pencil proves that the company is aware of the value of styluses.

The OPPO Pencil is a unique stylus for the OPPO Pad that has a number of advantages, as Jaka cited from a number of sources. One of them is the stylus’s movable tip, which makes it more comfortable to use on tablets than other styluses.

A 4096 pressure level and wireless fast charging are additional features of the OPPO Pencil. According to the manufacturer, this stylus has a 13-hour battery life.

2. A Flagship Chipset That Is Qualified.

The Snapdragon 870 5G chip, which was introduced in early 2021, is what gives OPPO its performance. Because the Snapdragon 888 and the 8 Gen 1 are the two current generations, this chip is already quite dated.

Even so, the Snapdragon 870 5G’s performance is still very applicable and dependable for today’s demanding tasks, such as designing. This chip’s Adreno 650 GPU and 7nm fabrication ensure quick but stable performance for more effective battery usage.

The performance of the OPPO Pad appears to be a top priority for OPPO, who apparently doesn’t want to compromise on the device’s efficiency. In order to make the distribution of heat temperatures more uniform, cooling technology is integrated into this tablet.

The internal memory on the OPPO Pad reaches 256GB, which is also sufficient to store files or photos, and up to 8GB of RAM is provided to support chipset performance.

3. Astonishing audio and visuals.

When it comes to multimedia, the OPPO Pad may be the best tablet. The tablet’s screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which is the cause. The responsive screen is perfect for design requirements due to its high refresh rate.

Playing games and watching movies are just a couple of the entertainment options available on this tablet. The four second-generation AAC speakers that make up the OPPO Pad’s four speakers are the cause. The speakers also support Dolby Atmos technology and are certified for high-resolution audio.

Advantages and Drawbacks of the OPPO Pad.

The OPPO Pad appears to be released to compete with high-end tablets from other brands based on the specifications and features provided. You can compare it to Apple’s iPad or Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 Pro.

As a brand-new tablet, the OPPO Pad actually has a lot of benefits that set it apart from competing devices. The OPPO Pad does, regrettably, have a few notable flaws.

Check out the points below, gang, if you’re curious about the benefits of the OPPO Pad and how it differs from other brands of tablets in those respects.

The benefits of the OPPO Pad.
Snapdragon 870 5G chipset, which is swift and reliable.
technology for cooling to maintain stable performance.
On the display, the refresh rate is 120 Hz. 33W fast charging on a large capacity battery.
The OPPO Pad’s drawbacks.
Display without Dolby Vision.
there is no external memory slot.
No SIM card/5G variant is available.
conventional camera.
Price Leaks for the OPPO Pad.

Jaka won’t be surprised if you decide to buy the OPPO Pad given its features, specifications, and aesthetics. OPPO has not formally released it in the Indonesian market, so you must still save your dream.

There was no indication that OPPO would release this tab until after this article was published. The possibility that OPPO will unveil it soon, or at least this year, is not implausible given the high level of interest among Indonesian gadget enthusiasts for smart tablets.

The estimated price is also very competitive with other brands if it were to be made available in Indonesia. The OPPO Pad was made available in China for 2,299 yuan, or about Rp. 2,699 yuan, or approximately Rp, for the 6/128GB variant. 2,999 yuan, or about Rp, for the 6/256GB variant. 6.1 million. For the 8/256GB model, it costs 6.8 million.

The OPPO Pad Artist Edition was additionally made available by OPPO. The back tab’s cross-sectional design has been given a more artistic touch in this special edition. Only 8GB/256GB RAM configurations of this variant are offered, and they cost 3,499 yuan, or about Rp. Eight million.

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