PS5 beats Xbox One X in GTA 5

By | April 21, 2022

PS5 beats Xbox One X in GTA 5: The new GTA 5 remaster improves the technical aspects of the game, adding higher frame rates, 4K resolution and many additional effects for console players. PS5 owners also have access to new DualSense features, including vibration and feedback based on weather and driving conditions. There are small improvements in the remaster, but they are nothing groundbreaking or as significant as the first re-release of the game.

PS5 beats Xbox One X in GTA 5
PS5 beats Xbox One X in GTA 5

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PS5 is better than Xbox in GTA 5

However, it seems that depending on their platform, some players may have a better game experience. The PS5 version of GTA V is noticeably superior to the Xbox Series X|S version, according to a new video from YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits comparing the two versions of the game. On PS5, not only does the game look better and more detailed overall, but the frame rate in difficult situations is maintained.

PS5 frame rates remain solid, with only a few drops in extremely stressful situations, however the Xbox Series X version | S sometimes drops from 60fps to 40s. While the game looks great on Xbox platforms, the PS5 version seems to be the most popular.

In addition, during the first three months, PS5 owners can play GTA Online for free. Players can save it even when the window closes, so it’s just another bonus for PlayStation users. It’s unclear what caused these differences between PS5 and Xbox, especially since the Xbox Series X was touted as the most powerful console ever, but it’s an interesting comparison.


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