PS5 beats Xbox One X in GTA 5

GTA 5 on PS5 outperforms GTA 5 on Xbox One X: The new GTA 5 remaster enhances the technical aspects of the game, adding higher frame rates, 4K resolution, and many additional effects for console players. Owners of the PS5 can also take advantage of the latest DualSense features, which include vibration and feedback according to the weather and road conditions. The remaster contains some minor enhancements, but nothing as noteworthy or significant as the game’s initial re-release.

In Grand Theft Auto V, the PlayStation 5 defeats the Xbox One X.

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GTA 5 runs better on the PS5 than the Xbox.

It appears that some players may have a better gaming experience than others depending on their platform, though. A new video from YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits comparing the two versions of GTA V reveals that the PS5 version is noticeably superior to the Xbox Series X|S version. On PS5, the game not only looks overall better and more detailed, but the frame rate is also maintained in challenging circumstances.

While the Xbox Series X version | S occasionally drops from 60fps to 40s, the frame rates on the PS5 are consistently strong, with only a few exceptions in the most stressful situations. Although the PS5 version appears to be the most popular, the game looks fantastic on Xbox platforms.

Additionally, the first three months are a free trial period for GTA Online for PS5 owners. Another perk for PlayStation users is the fact that players can still save their work after the window closes. It’s unclear what led to these discrepancies between PS5 and Xbox, particularly given that the Xbox Series X was advertised as the most powerful console ever, but it’s still a fascinating comparison.

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