The best flash drives of 2022: Top 10 ratings of popular flash drives

The best flash drives can transfer data to and from your computer quickly and easily without worrying about a wireless connection because they can store a lot of data. Wireless connectivity has a reputation for being erratic. Nearly foolproof technology is the thing that plugs into your USB port. The best way to transfer files quickly and securely between computers or to keep a lot of files close at hand is with a flash drive, in short.

best flash drives
best flash drives

Size, price, and portability variations exist for flash drives. A bag full of flash drives is an affordable way to transfer files if you frequently switch between your home and office locations, install software on several computers, or even have a lot of files to send to many recipients. Even the best external hard drives cannot compare to flash drives for speed and portability.

Size, the types of ports they connect to, storage capacity, read/write speed, and price are a few characteristics to consider in a flash drive. You won’t likely pay too much, regardless of the flash drive you choose because prices have dropped significantly. However, our online shop Sotos examined a large number of flash drives and created a ranking of the top ones.

Top 10 list of 2022’s top flash drives.
1. The top flash drive of 2022 is the SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB.

Capacity: 128 or 256 GB; Interface: USB-A (3.1); Read Speed: 420 MB/s; Write Speed: 380 MB/s.

Due to its capacity and read/write speed, SanDisk PRO is the best option. You get roughly three times the speed that USB 3.0 can provide at 420/380Mbps read/write speeds. In our testing, we discovered that when transferring a file, the read speed would decrease by roughly 50%. It was difficult to find because it was frustrating and inconsistent.

The flash drive itself is made of upscale-looking aluminum. An easy carrying key loop and one LED light are included. Thanks to 128-bit file encryption and a USB 3.1 connection, this flash drive is akin to a tool for professionals. Because of its backwards compatibility, the flash drive also functions with older ports.

SanDisk RescuePRO software, which can be used to recover deleted files, is preinstalled on the flash drive. In the event that any issues arise, SanDisk offers a full lifetime warranty on this flash drive. Due to everything, this flash drive is among the most expensive, but the extra features are worthwhile, according to . pros.

robust design.
256 GB or more are available.
encryption for files that is built in.


Reading speed varies.
2. The top flash drive for multiple devices in 2022 is the SanDisk Ultra 128GB.

Up to 256 GB of capacity; USB-A and USB-C (3-point) interfaces; 150 MB/s read and write speeds.

At work, people use PDAs in addition to computers. Because it has USB-A and USB-C connectors compatible with computers, smartphones, and other devices, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive is appropriately named. This is a good flash drive option if you have computers with various types of USB ports or if you transfer files between your computer and an Android phone. Only 150 MB/s is the flash drive’s read/write speed, which is rather slow. We appreciate that both data connectors retract into the drive’s chassis, lowering the possibility of damage. Without worrying, you can put it in your pocket or bag. Pulling the data connector back into the case is very reassuring because it is frequently the part of a flash drive that is most susceptible. The dual connectors’ flexibility is what we like them for the most.


flexibility for USB Type-A and UYSB-C.
good price.


Slow motion.
3. In 2022, the SanDisk iXpand 128GB will be the ideal flash drive for iPhone and iPad users.

Up to 256 GB of storage space is available; USB-A (3 point 0) and Lightning interfaces; 150 MB/s read and write speeds; and.

While the rest of the world switches to USB Type-C, Apple is still using its Lightning connectors. We’re not passing judgment, but a different connector is needed if you want to transfer files between your computer and iPhone. Additionally, SanDisk provides a 128GB iXpand flash drive. The lightning connector has a somewhat peculiar shape in that it loops around at the end.

You can transfer files between your computer and your iPhone or iPad using this device, provided your computer has a USB port (a non-Mac computer). SanDisk iXpand software, included with the flash drive, makes it simple and quick to back up your phone by just plugging in the gadget. You can also transfer individual files rather than a complete backup if that’s what you prefer. This is an excellent tool to use if you own an iPhone and need to regularly backup your data, according to experts.

both USB-A and Lightning.
Backups are automated by the software.


A peculiar design.
Potential issues with durability.

4The best USB 3.0 flash drive of 2022 is the . Samsung FIT 32GB.

Capacity: up to 256 GB; Interface: USB-A (3point); Read Speed: 200 MB/s; Write Speed: 60 MB/s.

The Samsung Fit 32GB Flash Drive is evidence that a flash drive doesn’t have to stick awkwardly out the side of your computer. Fit sticks out from the slot by just a few millimeters and is marginally larger than the USB-A case. Up to 32GB of extra storage are available from a single tiny piece. Naturally, due to its small size and ease of loss, this tiny size also has a cost.

200MB/s and 60MB/s, respectively, are still respectable read and write speeds. Due to the USB flash drive’s small size and the ultrabook . pros’ small size, we suggest this flash drive for ultrabooks.

fast transfer rates.
a great value.


Maybe too little.
5. The ideal flash drive for a Macbook 2022 is Silicon Power’s C80 64GB model.

Up to 64 GB of capacity; USB-A and USB-C (3-point) interfaces; unknown reading and writing speeds.

The zinc alloy construction complements your Macbook beautifully, making it the ideal ally. This flash drive has a USB 3.2 interface, but Silicon Power is vague about what read and write speeds are acceptable. Another letdown is that the memory can only be expanded to 64 GB.

However, the ring has a gorgeous design. While the other end of the USB-C port does stick out, it is also made of zinc alloy, which is a very durable material, and is protected by a zinc alloy casing. If you want to use it, the gadget also comes with free file management software. If not, you’ll have a stylish flash drive that matches your Mac . pros well.

Wonderful ring style.
Wonderful value.
USB ports are shielded.


64 GB at most.
Read/write speeds that aren’t listed.
6. The best flash drive for security in 2022 is Kingston Data Traveler Vault.

64GB maximum capacity; USB-A (3.0) interface; 165MB/s read; 22MB/s write.

A whole industry has developed around flash drive security, which is totally logical. If you have a physical drive, the data on a flash drive is simple to access. A built-in keyboard can be found on some flash drives, while others use fingerprint readers. That’s good, but encryption is key, and the Kingston Data Traveler Vault has 256-bit AES encryption and integrated antivirus.

With the managed version of SafeConsole, which also includes additional management tools, this “business-grade” security can be strengthened even further. Flash drives adhere to government regulations because they are TAA compliant. This is a crucial point to remember because they come in sizes up to 64 GB, but they are very expensive and security slows down transfer speeds.

encryption that is pre-installed.
protection against viruses.
meets TAA requirements.


Low transfer speed.
7. The best and most reliable USB 3.0 flash drive for 2022 is the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth 64GB.

Up to 256 GB of storage space is available; USB-A (3.0) interface; 85 MB/s read; 85 MB/s write.

Even though this is a specialized flash drive, there is a specific group of people who need a robust USB drive, and the Corsair Flash Survivor Stealth flash drive is designed for those people. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to find yourself in a situation where you need a flash drive to survive 200 meters underwater and you just don’t have one? A robust flash drive can be useful for everyone from campers to builders to first responders.

Aluminum was used to create the flash drive, and an EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer) seal was used. Being a bit taller than the typical flash drive, a screw cap case’s plug can make inserting a flash drive challenging. This is a great option if you need a flash drive that can withstand demanding circumstances, barring that minor restriction and the price being slightly above average due to the build.



Connecting is challenging.
8. 2022’s top capacitive flash drive is the PNY Turbo 256GB.

Up to 1TB of storage space; USB-A (3.0) interface; 140 MB/s read; 80 MB/s write.

Because they frequently offer greater capacity at a lower price, PNY is a pioneer in flash storage. A PNY flash drive can hold up to 1TB and still fit on your keychain, but it’s difficult to compete with that. Although a full terabyte of storage may not be necessary, having 256GB in your pocket for a very affordable price is a good reason to suggest it.

Although the read and write speeds are only 140 and 80 bps, respectively—not very fast—the USB 3.0 architecture guarantees backward compatibility regardless of the computer’s age. Since there is so much data, we really want to see a better build. In the end, if you’re careful, you can get a lot of use out of this flash drive . pros without risking losing 256GB of data in one careless move.

a TB or more.
transmission rate.Minuses

  • Expensive.
  • Not premium.

9. The top cheap flash drive for 2022 is the DataTraveler SE9 G2.

Up to 256 GB of capacity; USB-A (3.2) interface; 200 MB/s read; 60 MB/s write.

The Kingston DataTraveller SE9 is a great option if you require a lot of storage space on a tight budget. This line of flash drives, which range in capacity from 8GB to 256GB, offers excellent value. With 200 Mbps for read and 60 Mbps for write, respectively, the speeds are respectable. The drive has a stunning and robust metal case. We could understand its absence, but we would have preferred a cover to shield the USB connector, which is typically the most exposed part. Anyhow, you want something with 256GB to be as secure as possible. However, a five-year warranty is beneficial. The Kingston DataTraveler, however, is a fantastic choice for a cheap flash drive for pros when it comes to value for money overall.

decent cost.


Not included is the cover.
10. The top flash drive for smartphones in 2022 is the SanDisk iXpand Luxe.

Read and write speeds are 90 MB/s and 60 MB/s, respectively, with a capacity of up to 256 GB.

Lightning and USB-C connectors can be found on both ends of the iXpand Luxe flash drive, which has a distinctive design and configuration. For households with a mix of devices, such as iOS and Android devices, this is a good choice. It’s also a great choice for those who use USB-connected iPhones and iPad Pros. This flash drive is for you if you use a variety of mobile devices, essentially.

The iXpand app’s iCloud Photo Library is giving us problems. In our case, iXpand Luxe saw about 55,000+ photos ready to be backed up due to years of saving iPhone photos to iCloud, even though not all of them are stored locally on the device. However, aside from that, it’s a fantastic USB flash drive that works with iOS, Android, and even PCs with USB-C ports. Because of this, flash drives are equally as versatile as . pros.

both iOS and Android compatible.
Strongly constructed.


Issues with iCloud pictures.

The flash drive, SanDisk Extreme Pro, was something we really liked overall. It possesses the ideal balance of stylish appearance, ample storage, and affordability that we prefer in a USB drive. Additional benefits include fast transfer rates and a polished appearance. The Kingston DataTraveler SE9 is a great option overall because of its low cost per gigabyte. Kingston’s sturdy construction should guarantee years of security.

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