Top Best Laptops under 500$ [Quick Guide]

Best Laptops Under $500 in the World. There is no turning back once you start testing a tablet because everything depends on what it will be used for. Personally, I use a tablet to access the Internet about 50% of the time because it is more convenient than a computer and has a larger screen that makes it easier to read content than a phone. However, the post-PC era will never come about because computers are still the best option for many tasks, including writing this article, and they always will be. They prefer portable devices the most, and we will discuss the best laptops under $500 in this article.

Best Laptops under
Best Laptops under

Best Laptops Under $500 in the World.
Top Best laptops under $500.

After Hewlett-Packard’s 2015 spin-off, HP is a company that was formed. . Prior to this, under its previous name, the business operated in the information technology sector, with a focus on the printer industry. Ask a brother .. In recent years, HP has released several laptops as a single company that have not exactly satisfied the public. After the split, the company made up for all of the lost ground and is now regarded as one of the best. options when looking for a laptop.

We can find computers of all kinds, including those created specifically for gaming, in the HP catalog in addition to printers and other computer accessories. Also interesting, as anything a company with a long history has to offer, even though they’re not the most popular, is that they also produce and sell laptops for less than $500.

For more information, see 2022’s Top 5 Best Laptops Under $700.


Motherboards, graphics cards, peripherals, servers, workstations, and monitors are just a few of the components that a Taiwanese business by the name of ASUS produces.. Anything that can be used with a computer will undoubtedly be made and sold. It rose to become the fourth-largest computer manufacturer in the world in the 2010s, and it continues to hold a prestigious position today.

Given that it also produces internal components, in its catalog in addition to many other places. Everything is available, including powerful and pricey gaming equipment as well as more basic but durable items like netbooks that are less powerful but still affordable. There will be those, which we discuss in this article, that are accessible to all users in the medium term.


In the world of computing, Acer is yet another significant Taiwanese company. It produces and distributes a wide range of parts and accessories, but its laptops make them more noticeable. They offer such a wide selection in their catalog that it is incomprehensible that they have nothing for us. In my opinion, they are among the best for the money in terms of value.

They may not have officially attained the same level of success as their other Taiwanese partner, but they manufacture and sell some computers with incredible quality, especially considering their low price. In fact, the server had two of these brands, both of which had been faultless from the start and weren’t at all expensive.


Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is known for its widely used laptops. They also create, manufacture, and market all computer hardware, including workstations, tablets, and mobile phones, as well as other gadgets like smart TVs and headphones. They are well-known for a variety of reasons, including their wide selection and affordable prices.

Additionally, Lenovo is a somewhat eccentric brand. His philosophy is to do everything for everyone, so he creates both very discrete hardware, which detracts from their aesthetic appeal, as well as other powerful, beautifully crafted, and long-lasting hardware that will satisfy even the most discerning gamers. Many laptops priced well below $500 can be found in its catalog, but they won’t be the most potent models offered by the company or from its own line.


In 2004, CHUWI, a brand, was created and it completely surprised the world—but in a good way. Since the beginning, it has been clear that this is a brand that provides the best laptops for the money, and as a result, they have dominated Europe and North America.

What they all have in common is their selection of reasonably priced equipment. In part, this is why, later in this article, we talk about cheap laptops with high-quality components. Better yet, CHUWI offers good support, after-sales service, and good warranties on top of its low prices, making it one of the first brands we should think about if we need a cheap computer.

What benefits can you expect from a laptop that costs less than $500?

The market’s most powerful laptops are not those under $500. A truly distinctive component, including a display, is difficult, if not impossible, to include. In terms of size, we can find so-called “netbooks” that are 10 point 1 inches and 15 point 6 inches larger than what is considered to be standard size for less than 500 dollars, which includes 100-200 euros. A laptop of this kind with a 17-inch screen will be difficult to find. But there’s another specification to take into account.

The best aspect of the screen that we can see is its size, but its resolution should also be taken into account. Given that we are talking about laptops under $500, it is most likely that we will find devices with screens that have discrete resolutions that infrequently reach HD. The typical screen resolution of these computers is 1366 768 at a size of 15 point 6 inches, despite the possibility that they will arrive.


Due to their division into one or more parts, laptops are inexpensive. You must pick discrete materials or implement other strategies and cut costs in order to have a low price. Your processor will likely be comparable to an Intel i3, but this will depend on the brand and other elements, such as the aforementioned cuts.

However, as we have already mentioned, manufacturers release equipment in a variety of configurations so that we can select the one that most appeals to us. It is therefore possible to find laptops with a processor for less than $500. such as an Intel i5. It’s also practically impossible, which means either it’s a lie or the rest of the team will disintegrate, to use a metaphor.


We can run more or fewer open processes and move some applications more quickly thanks to the RAM. The most prevalent laptops in this price range are those with 4GB of RAM, the bare minimum needed to run computers running Windows 10 and other operating systems. A smaller computer, like a netbook, is more likely to have 2 GB of RAM, allowing you to move lighter versions of the Microsoft operating system or some Linux. distribution, but it’s unlikely that this will be the preferred method.

We may be able to find laptops with 8 GB of RAM, ideally, or if we choose a new brand, but they will likely be paired with discrete processors like the Intel Celeron, i3, or something similar. Despite not being the most expensive part to install in computers, occasionally we’ll see one of these laptops with even more RAM.


Laptop hard drives that cost a lot are typically inexpensive. This is one of the cutoff points, but typically the cutoff is by type rather than by storage. A 500GB hard drive that is a standard drive in a laptop that costs under $500 can be the only one you ever need. We can add HDDs with a good capacity if we don’t need to upgrade to 1TB, for example, because HDDs are slower than SSDs but also less expensive.

However, they will be smaller in size. We can still find laptops with SSD drives. Some brands offer the 256GB SSD, but this typically means that the device’s screen is smaller than the 15.6-inch norm and that, among other things, the processor is hidden. In any case, low-cost devices never have the most powerful processors.

What are the best laptops under $500?

Well, that depends on how we intend to use it. and the one the author of this article used as an example. Without mentioning what it is, I can say that it has an Intel i3, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of hard drive space, which makes it a little fair to run Windows but works great for me to work with WordPress editor, have Open the mail app, see my Telegram, and listen to music at the same time. And even then, it gets better when I use Linux because I don’t miss anything there.

Now, if we have to deal with more demanding applications. According to the brand. i5 processors, 8 GB of RAM, and SSD drives are all included in some newer brands’ good hardware that costs less than $500. These products are a good choice because we could use them in general without spending a lot of money. The following models are a good example:.

The operating system may not perform as well as we would like if we wanted to, for example, edit audio or video with more tracks.

Some laptops under $500 are excellent choices for “geeks” who don’t need Windows, in my opinion, because we can install a light Linux distribution on them and improve functionality. Of course, the displays and general design won’t be the best.

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