How to Download New Apps Directly to the App Library in iOS 14

How to Download New Apps Immediately to the App Library in iOS 14: The app library, along with home screen widgets and the cool back touch feature, is probably iOS 14’s biggest selling point. The best aspect of this new function is the ability to automatically classify apps into groups like social, entertainment, and creative. for ease of access. .

Directly to the App Library in iOS 14
Directly to the App Library in iOS 14

How to Download New Apps to the App Library Immediately in iOS 14.

New apps that you download also appear in the app library (in a newly created section) in addition to the home screen. If you prefer not to have a cluttered home screen, iOS 14 allows you to directly upload new apps to the App Library.

On an iPhone running iOS 14, directly download new apps to the App Library.

Personally, I like to hide apps or organize them into different folders to keep the home screen clutter-free. I no longer need to create app folders because iOS 14 provides a fairly simple method of app organization.

It doesn’t make sense to display apps on the home screen since the App Library also provides quick access to them. The home screen won’t crash if you use this relatively easy but efficient method. Let me demonstrate how this useful little feature functions.

1. Start your iPhone’s Settings application.

2. Click on the Home screen to continue.

3. Select App Library Only under the “New App Downloads” section.

New apps will now be downloaded to your iOS 14 device’s App Library automatically going forward. Follow the same procedures and, at the very end, choose the Add to Home Screen option if you ever want to alter this behavior.

To maintain a clear home screen, use the App Library.

To keep the home screen of your device clutter-free, use the Apple Library. Although this might seem like a minor feature, I actually find it to be quite helpful. You can also enjoy a clean home screen if that’s what you prefer.

Next month, iOS 14 should be made available to the public after extensive beta testing. The most recent version of iOS has added a number of privacy-focused features, such as the ability to turn off tracking, restrict apps from accessing local networks, and even prevent apps from accessing precise locations, in addition to a feature-rich interface.

Tell us how you’re doing if you’re using the iOS 14 beta. Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited, if not, why not.

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